Foreignerds provide expert data analytics to its clients to enable them to get meaningful business insights. Our Cloud Data Warehouse Delivers What Today’s Organizations and Their Customers and Business Partners Demand.

Data Warehouse as Single Source for All Data

Our Team creates a single, governed, and immediately queryable source for all your data, including JSON and XML, with nearly-unlimited and cost-effective storage.

Accelerate Business Intelligence & Analytics for All Users

Our experts understand the importance of data analytics and data mining, You can easily avail data and gain valuable chunks of business intelligence from our cloud-based data warehouse. Data-driven business insights will help you gain maximum leverage and beat the competition with business intelligence and machine learning tools.

Drive Business Growth with Superb-quality Analytics

What isn’t measured can’t be managed. Foreignerds will help you drive business growth empowering you with crucial business insights. Implement analytics at every stage to get the much-needed business growth and success.

A Cloud Data WareHouse

Use All Your Data For Crucial Business Decisions

Empower your business, remove bottlenecks with data-driven decisions and enhance value to customers with easy access to a single trusted source for all your data.

  • Low-cost, Unlimited cloud storage with 2-3x compression
  • A single copy of your data that’s available immediately everywhere
  • Access and provide shared data to customers and partners through Foreignerds Data Marketplace and via your private data exchange
  • Native support for geospatial data and analysis

Security, Governance & Privacy

Ensure fool-proof security of your data while providing controlled access to authorized users.

  • Automatic data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Dynamic data masking and tokenization
  • Leverage functionality to enable GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Certifications for SOC2 Type 2, ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and more

Fast and Easy SQL Analytics

Check out and remove bottlenecks to ensure seamless service delivery with dedicated data resources for every user and Project.

  • We provide cluster computing for various data processing and analytics in size from extra-small to 6XL to match demand
  • Choose multi-cluster computing resources for near-unlimited concurrency
  • Fully ANSI SQL compatible, with native support for semi-structured data
  • Optimized direct connectors for popular BI and Analytics tools
  • Access charts and SQL analytics via, the built-in visualization UI for Foreignerds.

Managed Service

Architected specifically for a seamless cross-cloud experience, Foreignerds automates data warehouse administration and maintenance

  • Automatic query caching, planning, parsing, and optimization
  • Automatic updates with no scheduled downtime
  • Cross-cloud data replication for seamless, global data access
  • Connect to the Data Cloud to share and acquire shared data with potentially thousands of Foreignerds customers and partners

Foreignerds Technology Partners For Data WareHousing & Analytics

Foreignerds has partnered with leading data integration and business intelligence solution providers to get data into, and value out of, Foreignerds. Top partners include:


Outsourcing for great results!

We follow a Procedural workflow for dedicated Development and Resource allocation, Safeguarding integrated Communication and Complete plan Transparency that the Project Involves

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