Blockchain Consulting

Our blockchain development services

Foreignerds helps enterprises implement blockchain-based solutions into their daily operations. We go beyond cryptocurrencies and offer blockchain development for automating a variety of business processes, from customer data exchange to secure supply chain management and transparent accounting.

Blockchain Development

Foreignerds designs and implements decentralized applications (dApps) as well as integrate them into enterprise systems.

Our customers can leverage a protected, failure-proof environment for diverse business transactions and collaboration.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Development

Find in us an expert guide who will help you navigate successfully through the difficult terrain of your ICO launch, promotion, and support.

Get maximum leverage from our technological expertise and extensive experience in implementing a token design, ICO campaign management, and supervision solutions.

Smart contract implementation and audit

Creating an efficient, secure blockchain ecosystem is crucial for any payment gateways, financial data transfer, and asset exchange. Right from designing to implementing smart contracts for seamless decentralized transactions, our experts will help you in getting maximum benefits from crowdsourcing campaigns, as well as minimize the risk of fraud and human-related errors in the process.

Our blockchain consultants also help customers assess the viability and performance of implemented smart contracts through our proprietary blockchain assessment methodology. We ensure that the complete system remains flawless by supervising the accuracy of transactions, algorithm execution, and hardware resilience, as well as overseeing smart contract deployment.

Our Blockchain Consulting Services

Blockchain Strategy

We don’t believe in creating hype and empty talks about the quality of our services. Our experienced consultants help clients understand the merits and demerits of blockchain solutions for every business on a case-to-case basis.

When you are convinced that blockchain is essential for your business project, we provide a suitable strategy for blockchain software development, implementation, and sustainable use.

Blockchain Audit

An audit is an essential part to find out areas of improvement and their significance on the entire project. It includes a complete assessment of blockchain architecture and logic, operation, performance, and resistance to network contingencies as part of our blockchain consulting. Remember that blockchain audit is a must-have stage before we can help you further extend and, optimize your blockchain, or adopt a new platform.

Blockchain Security

Besides evaluating the security features of your blockchain implementation, we analyze how blockchain can enhance the security of your business operations.

We carry out security testing to check how the ledger resists potential fraudulent activities. If any security flaw is detected, we will restore and reinforce your blockchain solution.

Blockchain Platforms We Work With

Rely on our expertise and innovative solutions as we will empower your business by enabling you to choose the most suitable blockchain platforms and build customized solutions on top of them. Based on your business needs, your purpose of blockchain, available computing power, and budget expectations, you should determine the right technology to become the core of your blockchain application development.


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