Data Security

Prevent Data Breach

At Foreignerds, we ensure that our wide array of professional services aredelivered and continue to run with the highest protection.

IT & Data Security

We handle your web pages, web sites, and applications in a manner that they are safe from any malicious online activities.

Secured Access Control

At Foreignerds, we grant access to database, network, and administrative account only to our few trusted resources only.

Cyber Defences Expert Will Support


Every organization needs to adhere to certain laws, regulations, and guidelines that are mandatorily designed for safe business practices. Wherefore, the violation of regulatory compliance may result in legal affairs. At Foreignerds, we manage the regulatory compliance of our clients by assisting them in identifying and implementing the applicable Coles, rules, and laws while operating the business. There are mounting risks as well as complexities in the operations of the businesses while any oversight in the government policies can lead to unwanted difficulties. Hence, Foreignerds ensure that every business practice of our clients areoperating within the guided framework and Foreignerds follow all the rules and regulations when serving our clients.

Anti-malware software

Application security

Data loss prevent

Email security


Virtual private network

Web security

Wireless security

Protect your Organization’s Security

Foreignerds ensure to streamline your IT outsourcing with utmost efficacy. Be it an established organization or a startup, at Foreignerds, our emphasis lies on creating a secure portal to avoid any challenges that our clients may experience, especially related to data security. Quality and remote team management issues are some of the major areas of concern, while the greatest concerns related to outsourcing are security and data protection. For many business owners, security threats are the main reason behind trying to keep their software R&D in-house. Moreover, the PR implications of your clients’ classified data being accidentally revealed to the public could be quite dramatic.

Frequently Asked Questions


The foreignerds employees at Foreignerds work as per their designated shift timings which varies according to their hourly or daily work timings. Most of the foreignerds employees have an 8-hour shift from Monday to Friday.

Indeed, you can impart training to your employees at a scheduled time through various online tools and apps.

Your data as well as work processes shall be 100% protected and free from any cyber threats or from any risk of misuse of information.

Physical Security

Cyber Security

Access Management and Controls

Security Audits

Every step, process, and operation needs to be completed in a secure and safe environment. As such, Foreignerds lay strong emphasis on the regular safety audits and take corrective measures, wherever possible in case of any deviations. Foreignerds use requisite tools and platforms that ensure the safe storage and use of data and resources in case any threats are detected to reduce the mitigating risk and eliminating breach of confidentiality.


Outsourcing for great results!

We follow a Procedural workflow for dedicated Development and Resource allocation, Safeguarding integrated Communication and Complete plan Transparency that the Project Involves

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