Paid Marketing / Google Adwords / PPC Expert

1. Creating and planning a variety of PPC campaigns across a range of digital channels
2. Overseeing existing campaigns and making recommendations on how to optimize them
3. Analyzing trends and making data-driven decisions
4. Writing engaging copy for adverts
5. Proof-reading
6. Making creative suggestions for advert templates
7. Producing detailed analysis and reports of campaigns
8. Presenting data and reports to a range of audiences.

1. A good understanding of how PPC fits in to the wider area of digital marketing
2. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and data manipulation
3. Strong analytical skills
4. A good level of mathematical ability
5. The ability to think creatively
6. Excellent attention to detail
7. The ability to think strategically and develop innovative marketing strategies
8. Creative writing skills
9. The ability to present information effectively to a range of audiences
10. Strong relationship-building skills
11. Excellent communication skills
12. Experience using tools such as Google AdWords

Required Certification (not all mandatory but at least one in last 3 years):
1. Google Analytics
2. Google Adwards
3. Facebook Blueprint
4. Youtube certification
5. AWS Certification
6. LinkedIn Marketing Solution

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