Sr. SEO Manager (Team Lead)

1. Creating & implementing effective SEO strategies
2. Leading a team of SEO Specialists
3. Researching keywords to aid the content teams
4. Troubleshooting technical SEO issues & recommending fixes
5. Optimizing on-page & off-page content & copy
6. Developing off-page optimization projects e.g. link-building
7. Analyzing and reporting on conversion and journey optimization with regards to UX, online analytics, digital acquisition, customer journeys, A/B testing and online routes to purchase.
8. Working closely with PPC & Social Media teams to optimize content and campaigns
9. Keeping up to date with current SEO trends and technologies


1. 6 years’ experience in the similar role with International client exposure
2. Strong understanding of standard and current SEO practices
3. Understanding of HTML/CSS
4. Knowledge & experience reporting on SEO efforts
5. Working experience with SEO tools and analytical tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Web Trends)
6. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
7. Track record of leadership skills
8. Analytically minded and strong in arithmetic
9. Graduation / Masters in Marketing, Business or related field

1. Any Google or SEO Certification will be an added benefit.

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