A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer is different than your usual 9-5 job. Digital marketing professionals are constantly on the go, meeting with clients and engaging in social media. They’re tied to their smartphones, laptops, and other tech tools. When they’re not in meetings or conferences, they’re working from home or enjoying time off.

There are many different aspects to the profession that lend themselves to uniqueness, but there are also some consistencies. Here’s a rundown of what a day in the life of a  Digital marketing professional looks like:

Hour #1: Check Email and Social Media Accounts

The day starts with a quick check of email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat…the list goes on. Marketers have to be aware of what people are saying about their company or projects in order to respond accordingly. If they’re feeling brave, they may even take to one of the social media sites and engage in conversation with consumers.

Hour #2: Plan Out the Day’s Work

Now that marketers have a sense of what’s being said about their projects, they can plan out how to best respond. This includes making phone calls to clients, drafting email responses, and setting up appointments with potential leads. They’re also going to work on various tasks throughout the day in order to meet project deadlines.

This means  Digital marketing professionals are working on multiple projects at a time in a variety of locations. They may head into a conference room for an hour or two in between meetings or find a quiet corner in the office to get some quality time in with their laptops. It all varies from marketer to marketer depending on each individual job description.

Hour #3: Get to Work

 Digital marketing professionals jump right in at this point. They work on the tasks assigned during their planning hour and respond to clients or colleagues as needed. During this particular hour, some choose to grab lunch while others may stay in the office and eat at their desks.

Hour #4: Check Emails and Social Media Accounts…Again!

By now, social media will have picked up on whatever announcement the marketer’s company just made. They may even be receiving questions or requests for more information about whatever service or product they’re promoting. Marketers are quick to respond to questions so they can build rapport with their client base. They also keep an eye out for potential leads that could provide new business opportunities.  Digital marketing professionals may take lunch at this time as well, but if not it’s back to work right after checking their accounts. Some marketers work through the afternoon into the early evening hours while others wrap up for the day around dinner time (6-7 p.m.).

There’s a wide range of hours that digital marketers can work. Some may feel more comfortable working from 7 a.m.– 3 p.m., while others may want to start later in the morning and end earlier in the evening. It all depends on what an individual marketer is comfortable with and if their company operates under different time constraints.

Hour #4: Engage in Social Media…Again!

If digital marketers don’t jump to engage consumers in social media during this hour, they’ll do it during the next hour. Digital marketers always have to be prepared for people who may want to chat about what they or their company is up to. This may mean logging onto Twitter or Facebook and replying to fans, followers, or potential customers who are reaching out for more information about a project.

Hour #5: Wrap Up the Day

When this hour rolls around, digital marketers are finishing up what they started during their first two hours of work. They may be finishing up a project, wrapping up an email campaign, or checking in with clients to ensure that everyone is happy and the day’s projects are moving along as planned.

Hour #6: Take a Break

Digital marketers get this hour to take it easy and recharge. They spend some time on social media and check technology blogs, news sites, and industry blogs for developments or ideas. They may also use this time to catch up on their favorite shows or movies via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, or the like.

Hour #7: Get More Work Done

Yes! There is always more work to be done. Digital marketers usually spend their last hour of the day getting more projects done or reaching out to people in their network. They may also choose to spend this time planning the following day’s work and organizing any notes from meetings earlier in the day.

Hour #8: Wrap up the Day…and the Week

Before they know it, it’s already Friday! Digital marketers appreciate the end of the week and use this time to plan for what’s next. They look at what worked well during the week, which projects are a priority, and who they need to meet with first thing Monday morning. It’s also a great way to prepare for client meetings planned for early in the week!

Hour #9: Check Email and Social Media Accounts

This hour is similar to hour #1 in that the digital marketer checks email, social media accounts, etc. They may even use this time to take part in a conference call or webinar before heading out for the day!

Hour #10: Get Some Rest

What goes up must come down. Digital marketers use the weekend to relax and recharge their batteries before going back to work on Monday morning. They may choose to check email and social media accounts again, but they don’t have to. Some digital marketers even try to avoid checking any accounts at all!


Digital marketers are always on the move. Many of them work in an office, but they also have to be prepared to work remotely or head out to events where they can network with clients, potential clients, and other professionals. They’ve got a lot of responsibilities on their plate so it’s important that they plan out what work needs attention during which hours. This ensures that everything is completed smoothly and efficiently so there is still time for digital marketers to relax or have some fun!

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