Oil and Gas Software Development Solutions

Foreignerds specializes in developing fully integrated software for the oil and gas industry, seamlessly connecting upstream, midstream, and downstream operational processes within a comprehensive and feature-rich platform.

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Custom Upstream Software Solutions

Foreignerds specializes in crafting tailored Exploration and Production (E&P) software solutions designed to enhance productivity and mitigate risks throughout the exploration, drilling, and extraction phases. Our bespoke upstream oil and gas software solutions encompass a suite of tools like.

Field Service Management Software

Oil and Gas Analytics Software

Land Management Software

QHSE management systems

Geophysical modeling software

Daily drilling report software


Custom Midstream Software Solutions

Foreignerds delivers tailored oil and gas midstream solutions that excel in end-to-end pipeline management, optimizing supply chain and logistics requirements.

Automation Software Services

Our solutions automate midstream processes, covering crude management, LNG and NGL management, contract and asset management, to keep vendors organized, simplify contracts, and optimize inventory management.

Oil & Gas Transportation Systems

Within the intricate landscape of the oil and gas industry, our tailored transportation systems simplify refined oil and gas processes, incorporating dispatching, telematics, GPS, dynamic route optimization, scheduled cargo tracking, and communication.

Pipeline Performance Tracking

We design pipeline performance tracking and simulation software (PPTS) that seamlessly integrates with intelligent sensor technology, offering real-time data visibility, auditing of pressure and metering, and other critical metrics.

Pipeline Management Solutions

End-to-end pipeline management solutions meticulously track transactions, covering allocations, nominations, gathering, plan processing accruals, transportation, accounting, regulatory reporting, and more, all presented on customizable activity dashboards.

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Custom Downstream Software Solutions

Foreignerds innovates oil and gas downstream solutions for oil refineries and natural gas processing plants, enhancing refinery performance, maximizing energy trading, and optimizing the downstream supply chain.

Refinery Scheduling

Our refinery scheduling automation software facilitates collaboration and quick responses to disruptions, increasing production throughput by simultaneously scheduling key activities within a unified platform.

Integrated Refinery Information System (IRIS)

Integrated with manufacturing execution systems (MEA), we construct custom IRIS apps using service-oriented architecture (SOA), offering complete visibility and control of manufacturing processes, from ordering and production inception to process control and output.

Downstream Supply Chain Management

Deliver customizable dashboards providing full visibility of the entire supply chain management process, incorporating crude oil procurement, product distribution, supply/demand data, forecasting, backcasting, retro analysis.

Oil & Gas Downstream Solutions

Incorporate robust supply chain and trading management systems equipped with solutions for EDI, inventory management, dispatching, asset tracking, purchasing operations, replenishment, and logistics, streamlining operations from production to point of sale.

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Foreignerds specializes in crafting custom software solutions tailored to specific business needs. Whether CRM, ERP, or other software requirements, they develop personalized solutions that align with your company’s goals and operations.

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Custom FSM software

FSM software helps optimize field operations by efficiently managing field technicians’ schedules, ensuring they are assigned the right tasks based on skills, location, and availability.

Real-Time Job Assignment

It enables real-time job assignment and dispatching, ensuring that tasks are allocated promptly to the nearest available technician, improving response times.

Mobile Accessibility

Field service management tools are often mobile-friendly, allowing technicians to access job details, customer information, and necessary resources while on-site, even in offline mode.

Asset Management

It includes features for tracking and managing equipment, tools, and inventory, allowing field technicians to access asset information and history, ensuring they have the right resources for the job.

Automated Scheduling & Routing

FSM software automates scheduling and route optimization, minimizing travel time and fuel costs by identifying the most efficient routes for technicians.

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