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We Are Looking for Experienced Professionals To Become Part Of An Ever-Growing IT Business With An Extraordinary Earning Potential Of $100,000 To $200,000 Per Year! We Offer a Variety of Software and Marketing Solutions such as Web Development, Software Development Mobile Apps, Social Media Marketing, and many more. Our unique products and services will fulfill your requirements exceeding your expectations. We are amongst the top-rated Software Outsourcing Companies in the United States.

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White Label

We are always looking for different challenges where we can serve you as an outstanding partner. We do offer white label services in which you can rebrand our services or product and make it appear as you have made it. As we are one of the Top Outsourcing Company in India, our services are highly trusted worldwide.



You market our services in your network and any deal that we close because of you; we will be more than happy to pay you a healthy % of that deal. You can also choose to get into a monthly payoff agreement with us if the payments are going to be done in installments.



In case your client or customer is interested in our services, feel free to contact us through any means. After that, we will sell our services further with increased prices keeping your profit in mind. Being the Top Outsourcing Company in the USA, we have more than 29 partners across North America & Canada as of now.

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Scale Your Business to Make It Big with Foreignerds

Are you planning to develop a new and reliable IT development strategy for the future? If yes, then here is your halt. It is simply not enough to be proficient in IT as for successful brand promotion and business transformation, you need to hire an experienced partner with a high level of technical skills, who can solve complex problems and empower your business with innovative ideas and solutions on every project. As we are one of the Top Outsourcing Companies in the USA, the development cost of the project will be 60% less, and there is no shortage of skills. After getting into a partnership with us, you will be able to run your own IT Company and offer a variety of solutions to people across the globe. Having dedicated in-house employees for each of the services will increase the financial load on your business. You can easily avoid such headaches by outsourcing the entire work with us and focus on creating and expanding your affluent client base.


Industry Leading Training

We provide a week of comprehensive online training at your place or even in our specific center in India.


Your Own CRM

Get Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to manage all your clients.


Dedicated Support

Avail maximum leverage from personal dedicated support enabling you to move ahead with confidence at every step of the way.


Brand it, Own it Marketing Collateral

Own an impressive Brand Collateral that will promote your brand and support sales.


Our Technology

Rely on our experts who use the most suitable and innovative technological stacks to build your amazing projects.


Substantial Income

We will help you optimize the process to generate a substantial income and monthly residual.


Your Own Allocated Area

Benefit from personal dedicated support to help you every step of the way.


Low Start up Cost and High Earning Potential

Every year, entrepreneurs and other professionals find accounting as one of the most profitable businesses.

Five great reasons you should choose our partnership program

Foreignerds Provides You With Unique Support Where You Develop Your Own Brand While Using Our Expertise And Experience. We Know It Works, Because We’ve Been Behind The Scene For Many Successful Entrepreneurs For More Than 12 Years And We’ve Launched Worldwide. Our World-Class Systems And Infrastructure Will Support You, To Make Your Brand Recognised World-Wide.

IT Consultants and IT Managers

Are You An IT Consultant Or An IT Manager Planning To Redesign And Implement Your Future IT Development And Strategy? We Are The Right Choice. As We Got Years Of Experience In Creating Complex Web Solutions And IT Projects, We Work As An Extension Of Your Office And We Work Behind The Scenes.

We Know That You Are Good At IT, But To Transform Your Business, You Need A Strong Partner With Technical Skills – One Who Supports And Brings You New And Innovative Ideas On Every Project. At Foreignerds, We Turn Your Ideas Into Reality. As We Are An Indian Based Company The Development Cost Will Be 60% Less And There Is No Shortage Of Skills.

Scale it and Make it Big

Thinking Of Expanding Your Existing Business? Running Your Own Web Development Company And Want To Expand And Take More Business In? We’re The Right Choice. Make It Big With Foreignerds.

A Partnership With Foreignerds Supports Your Existing IT Business, Enabling You To Expand And Enhance Your Own Branded Business. You Choose Your Business Model And Determine Your Own Pricing Structure. Foreignerds Can Meet All Your Needs By Providing Tailored Development And Support Which Completely Fits Your Business. We Believe That Working Together Brings In Better Results And As We Are Based In India The Cost Of Development Is Less And There Is No Shortage Of Skills.

We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to

Foreignerds Enables You To Fast Track Your Business To The Next Level. We Work Behind The Scene And Within 2 Weeks, Your Business Will Be Equipped With Team Of Professionals Enabling You To Have The Recurring Revenue Stream By Adding Value To Your Existing And New Customers. Grab Your Chair And Relax. We Even Take Care Of The ‘Heavy Lifting’, Such As Chasing Up Orders, Enquiries, Technical Support And Customer Service, Enabling You To Focus On Building Your Brand, Adding Customers And Generating Recurring Revenue. We Will Be 100% Invisible And Behind The Scene Working Hard To Deliver Word Class Products And Quality Services For Your Business, But All Communications And Invoices Come Under Your Existing Brand. It’s That Simple.

Being Amongst The Leading Outsourcing Company In The USA, We Believe In Delivering Quality Rather Than Quantity. Therefore, Each Of Your Projects Is Managed By Well-Trained Staff That Is Well-Aware Of The Latest Market Trends. Be Assured That We Will Be 100% Invisible To Your End Customers, Working Hard To Deliver The Best. However, We Will Be Closely Working With Your Team.


Outsourcing for great results!

We follow a Procedural workflow for dedicated Development and Resource allocation, Safeguarding integrated Communication and Complete plan Transparency that the Project Involves

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