Box Cloud CS-105 Starting at $1695/mo

  • Starting at $1695 monthly
  • Supports up to 100 users
  • Requires On-Boarding Fee
  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI)
  • Software Defined, Self-Healing, Distributed Storage
  • Cybersecurity Lite Included
  • Single Tenant, Dedicated & Private
  • Scale-Out Capable to Hundreds of Nodes
  • Supports KVM VMs, Kubernetes and Docker containers
  • Supports Linux, Unix and Windows Virtual Machines
  • Automated, AES 256-bit Encrypted Backups
  • Off-Site Replicated Data & Disaster Recovery
  • Self Encrypted AES 256-bit, Enterprise NVMe Storage
  • Active-Active Capable Using Geo-Dispersion
  • Supports Critical Workloads
  • Complete Professional Engineering Support
  • Installed Applications & Databases, Supported
  • Self-Cooled Rack Enclosures
  • Power Conditioning Battery Backup
  • Month-to-Month Agreement
  • 5-Node Configuration
  • (We recommend 3-Nodes as minimum config)
  • Add-ons:  SDWAN, Cybersecurity Advanced, Generator, Build-Out, Cabling

** On-Boarding Fee includes standard delivery and standard setup of physical equipment rack.

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Get the best value for your cloud journey with zero need for technical staffing. Wingu Technology’s engineering and visionary expertise will provide your business with a high level of competency. On-Premise Cloud products are fully supported, maintained and configured by our staff, not yours. Technical Operations Center support included. Customized to your organization’s exact needs. Incredibly fast and durable platforms with the latest innovations. Many security issues are solved due to single-tenant solutions. One company per cloud infrastructure. No shared resources. Dedicated hardware platforms developed specifically for your organization. Simplifies compliance and decreases business risks and costs. Our Secure Cloud-In-A-Box means you can guarantee your customers’ data never leaves your company and remains fully confidential. We take data security and availability seriously. Stackable systems starting at a 1-Node configuration with scale-out capability. Add mores nodes as capacity is needed. Buy only what you need.

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