Digital Marketing for SAAS Companies

Earlier, if you build something to solve customers’ problems, it used to be a win-win situation for everybody. Today, a lot of marketers face competition. This is why their digital marketing campaigns are focused on being better than the competitor. SAAS (software as a service) companies are not less than anyone.

So, what are the key strategies for SAAS Company in a competitive situation? Let’s discuss the SEO trends 2021 SAAS companies have to follow in order to create a successful campaign –

  1. Organic SEO

Since we are talking about SEO trends, how can we forget the organic SEO process? This is one of the most effective options for SaaS companies. Investment in powerful SEO content is really attractive if the outcomes are positive. Keep in mind the following –

  • Strong PR strategy
  • Keyword research and systematic prioritization
  • Optimization of the pages using keywords
  • Content planning
  1. Brand Remarketing on Facebook, Google Display, and LinkedIn

Remarketing targets the audience that has already visited your website. The main aim is to show them ads for attraction. If you target an audience on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, the ROI would be high. This kind of strategy is most effective when the traffic on your website is already high.

  1. Paid Searches

The key to paid searches is that you should first research the keywords and then construct a comprehensive campaign. You can use targeting strategies like search remarketing. Here, the customers who have already visited your website will find you when they are typing something related to your products/services.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is not really appreciated by B2B marketers. This platform provides built-in lead forms that get filled up with people’s information and you do not require to create a specific landing page. You can get a customer list, market the services to those customers, and target the same kind of audience. Facebook helps SaaS companies in targeting the right customers.

  1. Google Display Network

Everyone is familiar with the banner ads on Google. This platform has been evolving and there is now so much more available than traditional methods. When you select a list of keywords, Google shows ads to people who are looking for similar things.

  1. Webinars

One of the great methods for educating potential customers, webinars uses the leadership method. It does not talk about a particular product but rather the industry trend itself. Webinars are simply like white papers; you want people to think and not buy. Buying will be an automated process afterward. This is a challenging process but most appreciative for SaaS companies.

  1. Offline Channels

Apart from Google, you can get cheap leads through traditional methods like trade shows. Depending on the level of competition in the market, you can organize these shows. Is any of your competitors involved in print advertising? If not then that is what you should be rooting for. It will get you noticed.

  1. Buying Leads

A competitive software market is where a lead-generation company comes and takes over Google search results. Companies like GetApp, Capterra, and G2 Crowd use CTA to sell the lead to different vendors. These leads ultimately result in sales. If you buy the leads from these sources, you will get to know what the cost per lead for your industry is. SaaS companies should invest at least a 10-20% budget towards buying the leads.


The key is to run different campaigns across platforms and see what works and what doesn’t. no single marketing channel will be the best. So, the best idea is to put a multichannel program in action. If there is anything digital marketing trends 2021 predictions have taught us, it is to not let go of an opportunity. Still not sure how to create the right digital marketing strategy for your SaaS company? Contact Foreignerds Inc. today.

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