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Evaluating GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting: Features, Limitations, and Alternatives


In the digital age, a robust web presence is essential, and WordPress has emerged as a popular choice for building websites. For those seeking a hassle-free way to set up a WordPress site, GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting may appear attractive. This article delves into the pros and cons of GoDaddy’s service, shedding light on its features and limitations, ultimately helping you make an informed decision.

Understanding GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy’s pitch is straightforward: hassle-free WordPress installation. However, it’s crucial to recognize that their offering essentially amounts to a hosting account with WordPress pre-installed. While this may seem convenient, it raises questions about its true value, especially when compared to other hosting options.

Examining the Features

Let’s dissect the features that GoDaddy highlights:

1. Performance-Enhancing Caching

GoDaddy claims to provide performance-enhancing caching, but user experiences suggest otherwise. In some cases, website speed scores have significantly decreased after migrating to GoDaddy. Their caching may not be as effective as expected, impacting the user experience.

2. Automatic Updates and Installation

Automatic updates can keep your WordPress application secure, but they may also introduce compatibility issues with plugins and themes. The ability to control updates is essential to prevent potential disruptions.

3. Plugin Blacklist

GoDaddy’s plugin blacklist is a double-edged sword. While it prevents the installation of harmful plugins, it also restricts your freedom to choose the tools you deem necessary for your site’s functionality and performance.

4. Enhanced Security

GoDaddy claims to enhance security by restricting file access. While security measures are critical, these restrictions might limit your ability to configure security settings as per your specific needs.

5. Backup Storage

A 30-day storage of automatic backups can be beneficial for website recovery. However, it’s essential to review the restoration process to ensure it meets your requirements.

Exploring the Limitations

GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting comes with certain limitations:

1. Lack of Multisite Support

If you plan to create a WordPress Multisite network, GoDaddy’s hosting is not suitable as it does not support this feature.

2. Absence of Control Panel

The absence of a control panel, such as cPanel, means you won’t have access to tools like Cron jobs, which can be valuable for scheduled tasks and automation.

3. Restricted Plugin Installation

GoDaddy’s restrictive approach to plugin installation, aimed at protecting server resources, may hinder your ability to customize and optimize your site fully.

Challenges with GoDaddy’s “Features”

While GoDaddy promotes these as features, they often pose challenges:

Performance-Enhancing Caching

Contrary to GoDaddy’s claims, caching appears to perform poorly for some users. A comprehensive caching strategy, such as the one offered by plugins like W3 Total Cache, is vital for faster page loading times. Unfortunately, GoDaddy blacklists this plugin, limiting your options for optimizing your site’s speed.

Automatic Updates and Installation

Automatic updates can be a double-edged sword. While they enhance security, they may disrupt your site if plugins or themes are not compatible with the latest WordPress version. Having the flexibility to control updates can prevent such issues.

Plugin Blacklist

GoDaddy’s plugin blacklist limits your freedom to choose essential tools for your site. For instance, the omission of the Broken Link Checker plugin can impact user experience and website integrity. Your choice of plugins should be based on your specific needs, not dictated by your hosting provider.

The Bigger Picture

When considering GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting, it’s essential to weigh these limitations against your goals:

SEO Considerations

For those who prioritize SEO, GoDaddy’s restrictions, especially the ban on W3 Total Cache, may hinder efforts to optimize page load times. Fast-loading pages are critical for SEO success, and limiting your options in this area can be a significant drawback.

Exploring Alternatives

It’s important to remember that numerous hosting providers offer WordPress hosting with more flexibility and fewer restrictions than GoDaddy. These alternatives empower you to tailor your hosting environment to your specific needs, enhancing your website’s performance, security, and overall user experience.


While GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting may appear convenient, it’s vital to consider the trade-offs. The limitations imposed by GoDaddy, such as plugin restrictions and performance issues, can affect your website’s functionality and SEO performance. Exploring alternative hosting options that provide greater flexibility and control may be a more suitable choice for those seeking a robust WordPress hosting experience. Your website’s success depends on making informed decisions that align with your goals and requirements.

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