Reinvigorating the Web: Introducing the Jamstack Innovation Fund Startup Program

In a recent development, we unveiled the Jamstack Innovation Fund, an initiative by Netlify to reinvest in the ever-expanding ecosystem of tools, APIs, and services that empower developers in their quest to create a more robust and innovative web. Today marks a significant milestone in this journey as we proudly introduce the inaugural batch of ten companies participating in the Jamstack Innovation Fund startup program.

The Inaugural Ten: Pioneers of the Modern Web

We are not just providing these companies with a $100,000 investment each but are also extending a complimentary accelerator program. This program encompasses startup advisory from industry leaders, product and integration support, and collaborative storytelling to the vast Jamstack community. These ten companies represent the vanguard of innovation in the contemporary web landscape, and we are thrilled to have them as part of our program.

ChiselStrike: Redefining Data Platforms

ChiselStrike offers a prototype-to-production data platform. Glauber Costa, CEO at ChiselStrike, shared his thoughts, “Netlify has set the standard for modern application deployments. This investment will enable ChiselStrike to seamlessly incorporate the data layer into this equation.”

Clerk: Crafting Authentication for Jamstack

Clerk is the first authentication service designed specifically for Jamstack. Colin Sidoti, co-founder at Clerk, stated, “Our participation in the Netlify Jamstack Innovation Fund strengthens our commitment to the Jamstack ecosystem, facilitating faster authentication solutions for developers.”

Clutch: Visualizing Jamstack Solutions

Clutch is a visual editor for Jamstack solutions. Matthew Hager, CEO at Clutch, expressed his enthusiasm, “Netlify’s investment provides the impetus for us to create the most powerful visual builder on the market, enabling developers to expedite their journey from concept to production.”

Convex: Empowering Global State Management

Convex offers a global state management platform. Jamie Turner, CEO at Convex, emphasized, “The Jamstack revolution inspired Convex’s creation. We are expanding Netlify’s vision for Jamstack, making it possible for frontend engineers to build dynamic applications without concerns about databases or scale.”

Deno: A Modern Runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript

Deno is a contemporary runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. Ryan Dahl, CEO at Deno, articulated his commitment, saying, “We’re dedicated to enhancing the developer experience by collaborating with Netlify.”

Everfund: Enabling Custom Fundraising Systems

Everfund is a developer-first nonprofit tool for building custom fundraising systems. Christopher Burns, CEO at Everfund, stated, “At Everfund, we’re simplifying the process for developers to assist nonprofits in adapting to digitization. Netlify is the ideal partner in our mission to become the go-to nonprofit tool for Jamstack developers.”

NuxtLabs: Transforming Web Development with NuxtJS

NuxtLabs is on a mission to make web development intuitive with NuxtJS, an open-source framework for Vue.js. Alexandre Chopin, Chairman at NuxtLabs, said, “Our aim is to provide the best experience for Vue developers. This investment and program will enable us to continue delivering enterprise-grade solutions for the developers shaping the modern web.”

Snaplet: Simplifying Postgres Database Management

Snaplet offers a tool for copying Postgres databases. Peter Pistorius, CEO at Snaplet, highlighted, “We appreciate how the Jamstack philosophy allows developers to focus on building their products. This investment supports Snaplet’s efforts to deliver self-service database tools that work seamlessly, allowing developers to concentrate on coding rather than debugging seed scripts.”

TakeShape: A GraphQL API Mesh

TakeShape is dedicated to advancing the web by accelerating the adoption of composable web architectures with Jamstack at its core. Mark Catalano, CEO at TakeShape, expressed, “The community nurtured by Netlify forms the bedrock for builders like us to fulfill our mission.”

Tigris Data: A Zero-Ops Backend for Web and Mobile Apps

Tigris Data provides a zero-ops backend for web and mobile apps. Ovais Tariq, CEO at Tigris Data, shared his belief, “We consider the Jamstack ecosystem to be at the heart of the modern, open web. Support from Netlify will expedite our mission to provide the fast, reliable, and secure data layer that Jamstack applications need to thrive.”

Program Benefits: Fostering a Vibrant Jamstack Ecosystem

The primary goal of the Jamstack Innovation Fund is to nurture a thriving and diverse Jamstack ecosystem by offering funding, advisory services, and raising awareness for early-stage startups. If you are an early-stage company driving innovation in the modern web with Jamstack-based tools and practices, learn more about applying to the Jamstack Innovation Fund and the startup accelerator program.

With the Jamstack Innovation Fund, we are not only investing in these innovative companies but also investing in the future of the web. Together, we aim to reshape the digital landscape, making it more robust, dynamic, and accessible for all.

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