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Web development is the process of adding up to the traditional way of using the internet. As we all know, the Internet is one of the greatest technologies ever created, and its use of it has been conventional and stagnant for a long period. Web development is a systematic approach devised to enhance the traditional way of using the internet so that we can use it for other purposes as well.

If we consider today’s scenario, using the internet has many purposes like interacting with other people translating a particular dialogue, catching a Pokemon in augmented reality, or playing your favorite game in virtual reality. Everything is gradually evolving to become susceptive to change and contribute to digitization altogether. These purposes are only fulfilled because of the progress of web development. If we recall the olden days when the internet was a privilege, limited to some, we will understand how far we’ve come. From sharing news, we’re now talking to chatbots just to feel connected in some way. Let’s talk about some trending web development applications at present that are set to challenge the limitations we’re facing today and change the way we will look at things in the future:

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA): Progressive web applications are nothing but websites that tend to function like typical mobile applications. PWAs may sound intimidating but they require a stern integration of multiple technologies like application shell architecture for faster loading time, Transport Level Security (TLS) to enhance privacy and data integrity, service worker for offline support, and web app manifest file for home screen access. It won’t be wrong to say that PWAs have significant leverage over traditional web apps. But this analogy shows no decline on the part of the usage of traditional apps, on the contrary, it shows the receptive nature of the users and how they’re adapting themselves to the pace of the world.
  • Push Technology: Push technology: Push technology or server push has gifted mankind ‘push notifications’ in the form of a one-stop solution for customer satisfaction using an effective communication medium. A medium that serves additional information about a web page or app. This transaction is initiated by the central server or the publisher and is accepted by the client or the end user. For example, if you’ve permitted push notifications from a web application of a fashion brand, you’ll receive notifications like nearby stores that are providing a huge discount.
  • Cyber-security: You must have gotten a rough idea about this particular application of web development. Cyber-security is a set of technologies that ensure the protection of your software and electronic data from external malicious attacks in the form of network breaches.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Augmented reality is a technology that allows the end-user to enjoy an interactive experience of the real world. Augmented Reality has many applications including military training and robotics. There are many popular games like Pokemon Go and Jurassic World Alive that have embraced AR technology to entertain more and more users.
  • Virtual Reality (VR): Virtual reality is one of the most interesting additions to web development. It is a technology that allows the end-user to experience a simulated reality that can be similar to the real world or completely different from it. Watching a movie in VR makes you feel like you’re in the scene itself. Not only that but VR can be used for educational and gaming purposes as well.
  • Browser Extensions: Browser extensions are a type of plug-in technology that helps enhance the functionality of your web browser, adding features like blocking advertisements and proofreading your text.
  • Motion User Interface: Motion design allows its users to create interactive user interfaces with the help of adequate animations that increase the viewership of the website.
  • Chatbots: Iterating with people to have a sense of human connection has been one of the most recurring needs people want with web development. That’s what gave rise to the development of applications like chatbots. These are computerized systems that are programmed to answer some of the frequently asked questions. These are very helpful for business websites.
  • Web assembly: It’s a type of code that allows a particular website or a program to boost its booting time. WebAssembly has many uses like most native home screen apps including games too. Faster loading time is what makes it one of the trending applications for 2021 and beyond.
  • Voice Search Optimizations (VEO): It’s a technology that makes the most relevant content of a webpage the foremost answer to the voice command of the user. Many companies like Google are following this technology trend. VEO is gaining a significant amount of popularity as a web application development.

These are some of the few web application development trends that are likely to grow, even in the coming year and the future as well.

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