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Farmers and growers can obtain complete control over their land, crops, and equipment with the aid of Foreignerds extensive agriculture software suites. With the assistance of Foreignerds agriculture software specialists, take your farm into the future.


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Seed-to-Sale and Dispensary

Agriculture Drone Software Development

AI Solutions For Precision Agriculture

In order to provide real-time insights about soil conditions, moisture levels, and crop health, our developers can implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) that analyzes data from sensors, drones, and satellites. Utilizing this information will improve irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, increasing yields and conserving resources. Utilize our technology and insights, to revolutionize agriculture by increasing productivity and resource allocation while reducing environmental impact.

Crop Yield Prediction & Price Forecast AI

Our professionals can integrate AI features that predict crop yield as well as price. To predict future crop yields, these models examine historical data.

Systems for Intelligent Chemical Spraying

In order to create sophisticated chemical spraying systems, our skilled developers integrate AI technology. The use of machine learning allows for the accurate analysis.

Tools for Predictive Analytics in Seed Sowing

Predictive analytics is used by our AI experts to decide when to plant seeds. AI evaluates information on the health of the soil and makes fertilizer recommendations.

Solutions for autonomous harvesting

Our programmers are experienced in using AI to develop automated tasks. By utilizing AI to steer robotic harvesters, we create solutions for autonomous harvesting.

AI-Powered Crop and Soil Monitoring

To ensure crops grow and produce a large crop yield, we develop AI-powered crop and soil monitoring systems. We make use of data collected by satellites and drones.

Using Machine Learning to Diagnose Disease

One of the potent subsets of AI that our developers are very familiar with is machine learning. To identify the visual cues associated with different diseases.

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Land Management Software Solutions

Foreignerds land management software developers have vast agricultural industry-experience and first-hand knowledge of how to develop world-class solutions for agricultural operations.

GPS and Land Mapping Software

In order to optimize site-specific data mapping and provide precise yield forecasting, we program GIS & GPS technologies and integrate them with your existing systems.

Design in 3D field applications

We design and develop specialized 3D field design software that seamlessly integrates with topography mapping applications for improved management and visualization of all land areas.

Smart Sensors & Controllers

We use sophisticated controllers and sensors to monitor changes in temperature, light, humidity, weather patterns, and other environmental factors before we harvest the yields. Autonomous Agriculture Management Systems.

Farm Management Software Solutions

Foreignerds highly flexible and scalable farm management software solutions encompass the entire scope of the agriculture & farming industry in an all-in-one platform.

Weather Forecast Integration

Weather patterns greatly impact farming operations; having this information integrated into the software helps in proactive decision-making.

Farm Inventory Control

To increase visibility, we integrate RFID systems, barcodes, serial number ID scanners, and other GIS technologies into new or existing ERP platforms.

Farm Equipment Maintenance

We create farm GIS equipment inspection software with mobile applications for on-site inspections and flexible reporting options are available.

Planning and Managing Crops

Through farm mapping software, we program features that automate watering, irrigation, and planting optimization for better crop planning and care.

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Livestock Management Software Solutions

Foreignerds’s livestock management software solutions allow livestock farmers and operations managers to plan finances, keep records, analyze data, and manage inventory with ease.

Software for Livestock Breeding

We incorporate livestock auction systems with customizable user portals, as well as livestock dashboards for monitoring herd-wide propagation, genealogy & lineage, and gestation statuses.

Software for Livestock Inventory

To gain complete control and visibility over your inventory and manage fluctuating retail & wholesale prices, we develop automated livestock inventory software.

Software for Tracking Livestock

To track livestock locations from the ranch to delivery, we integrate with third-party GIS/GPS mapping interfaces and use RFID, EID, and embedded ear tag sensors.

Software for Managing Cattle

To predict stocking rates, carry out planned grazing, compare pasture production results, generate reports, and much more, we engineer cattle management applications.

Software for Animal Husbandry

Our husbandry software enables farmers to map fertility, fertilization, and soil nutrient levels while managing their efforts to selectively breed and raise livestock.

Inventory and Resource Optimization

Effectively manage feed, medication, and other resources with our software's inventory tracking and optimization features. Streamline resource allocation to enhance efficiency and minimize waste

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Dispensary Seed-To-Sale Software Development

Our software solutions, from seed to sale, integrate material requirements planning (MRP), reorder point (ROP) formulas, monitoring economic order quantity (EOQ) evaluations, waste management analysis, and various other features.

Software for Cannabis Dispensaries

We set up specialized connections to software APIs and third-party marijuana/cannabis dispensary vendors, such as Weedmaps, StickyGuide, and Leafly.

Pharmacy CRM Services

Business intelligence (BI) analytics are made possible by the sales, marketing, and customer service solutions we engineer into our dispensary CRM platforms.

Pharmacy POS Systems

We integrate role-based access controls (RBAC) with QR and barcode ID scanner software for dispensary point of sale (POS) applications and e-commerce websites.

Cannabis Applications for Mobile

We utilize open-source geolocation APIs to develop mobile applications for cannabis dispensaries, incorporating features such as delivery driver tracking, transportation management, and more.

Solutions for Cannabis E-Commerce

We utilize open-source geolocation APIs to develop mobile applications for cannabis dispensaries, incorporating features such as delivery driver tracking, transportation management, and more.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is at the core of dispensary operations. Our software streamlines inventory tracking, from seedling to final sale. It provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, strain tracking, batch management, and expiry tracking, optimizing stock control.

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Smart Farming Software Development

Foreignerds develops smart farming software that allows smart farming technologies to interface with existing monitoring & sensor software for added interoperability.

Development of a Farm Monitoring System

To assist farmers in real-time crop impact visualization, we integrate agricultural monitoring sensors, camera surveillance, data analytics, irrigation systems, and more.

Integrations of Software for Soil Mapping

To provide better insights and encourage interoperability, we integrate soil-mapping, crop sensor, drone, and data analytics software through a series of API communication.

Individual Soil Sensors

Farmers can measure temperatures, pH balances, moisture & humidity levels, nutrients, and much more thanks to our specially designed soil sensor software.

Applications for Precision Agriculture

We scale and modify agriculture ERP application solutions, ensuring full-stack infrastructure engineering and design for AG farming applications.

Ensure Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Ensure ongoing support and maintenance services from the development team to address any potential issues, provide software updates, and offer technical assistance for the smooth functioning of the seed-to-sale software

Predictive Analysis and Precision Farming:

We empower farmers with predictive analysis tools that forecast weather patterns, predict pest outbreaks, optimize planting schedules, and recommend precise actions for maximizing yields while minimizing resources.

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Optimize Your Harvest with Cutting-Edge Drone Control Platforms

Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency in agriculture. Explore advanced drone control platforms tailored for optimizing crop management, yield assessment, and resource allocation.

Drone control platforms for agriculture

We program our drone platforms to allow remote sensor network software controls for AG asset health assessments.

Technology for Agricultural Drone Analysis

In order to assess crop health, we integrate drone software platforms with built-in normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) indicators.

Drone Field Mapping for Agriculture

We create AG drone 3D mapping software for farmers using electromagnetic, acoustic, and optical sensors from the ground.

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Mastering Safety Hazard Planning

Discover the essentials of food safety hazard planning to protect your business and consumers. Get expert guidance, tools, and strategies for proactive hazard management.

Planning for Food Safety Hazards

For cutting-edge food safety monitoring and incident prevention/management, we provide food safety planning and hazard analytic software solutions.

Solutions for Food Safety Traceability

We integrate stock-keeping unit (SKU) tracking and customized system integrations into our traceability solutions for farm-to-fork and sea-to-fork operations.

Initiative for Food Safety Standards

The IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, GFSI, and other food safety initiative organizations set popular food safety standards, which we incorporate into our food safety software.

Environmental health and safety systems

We program and engineer environmental health and safety systems (EHS) to make document control easier and ensure effective food production practices.

Reports and dashboards that are centralized

We create centralized dashboards and reporting templates that users can alter in-the-moment in order to give them users with thorough analytical insights.

Companies that offer supply chain management

Our comprehensive supply chain management services, which include everything from raw material management to distribution traceability, simplify shipping and logistics.

Custom Application Development for Aquaculture

Unlock the potential of aquaculture with tailored application solutions. Seamlessly optimize operations, streamline data management, and drive growth in the aquaculture industry.

Application Development in Aquaculture

In order to gain a clear, thorough, and in-depth understanding of the data retrieved from marine information systems, we create applications that deliver automated spatial analytics.

Systematic management of aquaculture

We create desktop and mobile aquaculture apps to efficiently manage processes involved in aquaponics and aquafarming.

Software for Fish Farm Management

We design and deploy fish farming solutions that oversee the entire aquatic lifecycle, starting from the hatchery and concluding when your fish farm is ready for harvest.

ERP Integrations for Aquaculture

We implement workflow management tools to optimize employee processes and integrate ERP software to perform cost analysis while making changes in real-time.

The use of sensors in aquaculture

For monitoring and adjusting facility temperatures, salinity, pH balances, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), atmospheric pressure, and other parameters, we program embedded sensors.

Tools for Analyzing Aquaculture Data

We improve behavioral analyses of fish populations at the individual, batch, site, breed, and operation-wide levels by utilizing best-in-class sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Aquaculture Software Solution

Foreignerds offers specialized agriculture solutions tailored to your sector's needs.

Customized Data Management:

Streamline your aquaculture operations with our tailored data management solutions, facilitating efficient tracking of key metrics, production data, and environmental variables crucial for optimal aquatic farming.

Integrated Inventory Control:

Optimize your inventory management processes with our integrated solutions, enabling real-time monitoring of feed and supplies, minimizing wastage, and ensuring timely replenishment to maintain seamless operations.

Regulatory Compliance Tools:

Stay ahead of industry regulations with our comprehensive compliance tools, designed to assist you in adhering to aquaculture standards, reporting requirements, and environmental guidelines, ensuring smooth operations while meeting legal obligations

Aquatic Health Monitoring:

Ensure the well-being of your aquatic stock with our advanced health monitoring features, enabling timely disease detection, water quality analysis, and proactive measures to maintain a healthy and thriving aquaculture ecosystem.

Production Forecasting and Analytics:

Enhance your decision-making process with our production forecasting and analytics tools, providing valuable insights into market trends, growth projections, and resource allocation strategies for maximizing productivity and profitability.

Seamless Communication Channels:

Foster effective communication within your aquaculture enterprise using our seamless channels, facilitating easy collaboration among teams, suppliers, and distributors, ensuring streamlined workflows and prompt response to evolving market demands.

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