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Management Software Developers

At Foreignerds, our developers are constantly exploring new ways to improve and optimize the process of managing sales, offering innovative solutions that increase productivity and reduce cost. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, so our developers are always researching the latest trends and advances to ensure the best possible results.

Scenario Planning

Compose, convey, and evaluate multiple sales and operations planning that aid sales teams to comprehend a complete sales strategy in order to establish more informed choices.

Planning & Collaboration

By utilizing modification logs, remarks, and sales monitoring data, sales personnel can interact with each other in a cloud-hosted atmosphere.

Reporting & Performance Managementn

We make executive dashboards that facilitate making wise choices quickly by incorporating interactive reporting components to analyze performance key performance indicators.

Custom ITSM Software Solutions

Foreignerds provides the highest quality information technology assistance to fulfill your Service Level Agreements (SLA). We guarantee zero down time and immediate restoration with the best strategies. We unite industry knowledge and present day technology to guarantee maximum observation, reporting, and administration of your SLA services.

Sales and Operations Planning

Sales Lead Management Software

We create and add together sales and operations planning plus lead management software, including Crunchbase, into inbound marketing procedures, such as content marketing applications, automated email marketing, SEO administration, and behavior/intricacy assessment.

Sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We develop CRM software programs that can assist in the implementation of marketing data systems, sales pipeline applications, and feature the highest quality contact management and monitoring software.

Sales Tracking Software

Our professionals create smart sales monitoring software packages, comprising of order/agreement handling, area sales/district monitoring, commission’s administration, sales funnel software, and endorsements tracking features.

Inside Sales Software

We create internal sales platforms that include automated dialers, live chat programs, call management features, meeting administration, proposal/quote production, and 360° feedback applications, as well as engineering Computer Telephony Integrations (CTI).

Sales Live Chat Platforms

We connect live chat functions smoothly to increase the rate of purchase, enhance website involvement, and allow your entire sales team to communicate and respond to customer queries quickly.

Sales Integrations

Integrate your CRM, ERP, HRIS/HRMS, and other business processes together to create a combined, streamlined operations planning and management solution that is simple for your whole business to use.

Monitoring and Logging

With over two decades in the field and partnership with Oracle Gold, Foreignerds yields top-notch Oracle Cloud products designed to promote success, tighten security, and make management operations easier for all types of companies.

Sales and Operations Planning

Custom Sales & Operations Management Software Solutions

Foreignerds specializes in constructing operational and sales software that uses advanced AI to give sales teams the ability to predict customer actions, attain steady outcomes, and enhance accountability at every step of the revenue cycle.

Sales Compensation Management Solutions

Enhance your sales force’s capabilities by implementing automated systems for your incentive sales reward management, featuring a commission calculator, predetermined goals and rate tables, credits/payment questions, and other incentives programs.

Sales Analytics Solutions

Our developers create full-service sales and operations planning intelligence applications and provide custom application development, which includes data retrieval, real-time analysis, tailored objectives/KPI tracking, and performance tracking integrated into the transaction software.

Sales Pipeline Management Solutions

Our team of developers utilizes their skills in cloud computing to build powerful multi-cloud applications, tailored to organizations that need multiple cloud services that can offer increased adaptability, performance and cost management.

Sales Enablement Solutions

We build bespoke sales support systems, integrating team collaboration applications, automated lead qualification and allocation, sales projections, sales opportunity monitoring, content sorting, customer interaction, and complex sales stat analysis.

Sales Data Management

Incorporate dependable third-party applications, additions, and plugins to aid companies in getting the most accurate, current sales information directly from their personalized CRM so they can make wiser decisions in a quicker and more productive manner.

Sales Contract Management Solutions

Decrease the length of the contracting process, tracking timeframe, setup period, and legal authorization duration with a specialized sales contract management system that allows sales teams to observe and regulate contracts as they progress through different phases of their life cycles.

Sales and Operations Planning: Custom Sales Management
Software Features & Capabilities

We tailor your sales management software to satisfy your particular business requirements, guaranteeing to incorporate all of the functions, components, and abilities to conquer sales struggles and get the most bang for your buck.

Sales Forecasting

Utilize current pipeline intelligence to forecast future sales, affording businesses the opportunity to anticipate market shifts and modify advertising strategies as needed.

Field Sales Management

Easily keep tabs on field sales personnel with a well-organized field sales management program that assigns tasks, creates quotes, monitors employees’ working hours, ensures correct information is inputted, and oversees the team as a whole.

Sales Activity Dashboards

Get an overall perspective of your sales structure, evaluate sales performance, evaluate individual team members, and be aware of all important statistics related to sales activities.


Be notified whenever someone fills out an inquiry form, when new potential customers become available, when opportunities arise, and whenever contacts are involved.

Lead Management

Our specialists utilize advanced administration tools including status inspections/refreshes, follow-up mechanization, lead catch arrangements, lead reaction management solutions, and more..

Interaction Tracking

We use the Customer Interaction Tracker (CIT) program to assist salespeople in monitoring potential buyers and gathering details about their interactions with sales departments.

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