Solutions for Personalized Energy Management Software

Foreignerds developers create unique energy management solutions that automate, streamline, and make workflows easier while also offering solutions for utility asset management, billing services, and other issues.



Smart Grid



Waste Management



Solutions for Electric Utility Software

Foreignerds provides specialized software for electric utilities that is intended to modernize the grid by automating and streamlining the management of electrical power sources and all other workflows related to managing electric operations.

Services for Electric Software

We create software for Distribution Management Systems (DMS), which support network operations and network monitoring.

Software for Electrical Estimating

Electrical estimating software is created by our team of energy management developers to deliver quick and precise results.

Software for Electric Mobile Apps

We create unique mobile apps for electricians that let them use document management, field service tools, and more.

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Solutions for Customized Water Management

By tracking sampling activities, producing discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) specific to a given region, and ensuring ongoing compliance with all water and wastewater requirements, we develop custom water quality monitoring solutions to assist businesses in managing and meeting all of their water and wastewater management needs.

Software Development for Water

Any water treatment facility or water service provider can accurately and effectively manage daily operations with the help of the software we create.

Monitoring Water Quality

Custom features for managing water sample data, identifying pollutants, performing chemical analyses, and other tasks are programmed by our water industry experts.

Software for Utility Management

Our specialized cloud-based utility management software solutions automate billing and invoicing, handle payments, accept payments from mobile devices, and more.

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Software Specifically Designed for Smart Grids

Our developers can create custom solutions to meet particular business needs or enhance existing systems, engineering cutting-edge technologies for grid distribution, transmission, consumption processes, and more.

Communication in the Smart Grid

With real-time status notifications and automatic resource detection features, our smart grid communication solutions can aid in lowering energy consumption and maximizing grid operation.

IoT and Grid Integrations

We create solutions for machine-to-machine communication, automation workflows, and smart grid technology interfaces with IOT and grid integrations.

Program Smart Grid Meters

We design advanced metering infrastructure, meter data management, two-way communication, automatic meter reading, and other features into smart grid meters.

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Solutions for Custom Heat Software

Our software developers at Foreignerds are skilled in the energy and utilities sectors and have experience in creating all-encompassing solutions for district heating systems, individual heating systems, heating plants, heat monitoring software, and much more.

Software Solutions by Heat

Our team of utility industry experts creates specialized heat software for individual heating systems, district heating networks, and other applications.

Services for Utility Mobile Apps

For consumers and field service technicians, we create utility mobile applications that feature a simple UI/UX, branding, and real-time updates.

Software for Heating System Design

We design our energy management solutions with database tools, piping system modeling, integration with renewable energy heat sources, and more.

Software for Monitoring Heat

We develop heat monitoring software solutions that can be easily integrated with current applications and track energy usage as well as climate conditions.

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Solutions for Personalized Solar Asset Management Software

In order to improve the design, construction, and management of solar power as a sustainable, renewable energy source, Foreignerds’s expert developers use a wide range of technologies, including photovoltaics, artificial photosynthesis, solar heating, and more.

Software Development for Solar

For advanced site-specific energy forecasts, solar resource assessments, and other uses, we develop custom solar software.

Energy Management System for Solar

Our programmers create energy tracking software that enables you to oversee projects, see energy consumption, cut down on travel time, and more.

Solar-Powered Software

For the best solar energy management, we implement cutting-edge software solutions for highly functional PV management systems.

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Solutions for Waste Management Software

Our software engineers have a wealth of expertise and experience developing specialized software for the waste industry, enhancing current IT teams, and optimizing solutions through custom integrations to produce a more interoperable system that covers all facets of waste management.

Sustainable Management of Waste

We develop software with tools for managing and keeping track of sustainability projects, waste management strategies, source reduction, and other things.

Tools for Waste Profile Management

Our engineers design profile management tools with databases for storing information about the characteristics, properties, and disposal techniques of waste.

Mobile Waste Management App

Foreignerds creates mobile apps with functions like fleet route planning, real-time GPS monitoring, and tracking the location of waste sources.

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Solutions for Custom Wind Software

Foreignerds offers specialized wind software solutions and applications that can be used for a variety of tasks, including monitoring wind speed forecasting, using 3D farm modeling & visualization, monitoring wind flow/energy output window simulations, and more.

Software for Wind Analysis

Foreignerds’s developers create sophisticated and precise software for wind analysis that examines wind speed, turbulence, environmental constraints, and more.

Software for Wind Monitoring Systems

In Foreignerds, skilled programmers create user-friendly wind monitoring systems that show real-time monitoring through graphical user interfaces.

Wind Turbine Control

In addition to providing wind farm efficiency calculators and Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, we create software to record important information like building permits.

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Solutions for Custom Nuclear Energy Software

Foreignerds offers comprehensive nuclear energy software solutions to assist companies with nuclear facilities in automating and streamlining their workflows for planning nuclear power plants, designing power plant equipment, analyzing spent fuel, monitoring safety management, and managing operations.

System of Quality Management

Instrumentation & Control (I&C) features are included in the nuclear safety and quality management system that our developers program.

Software for Nuclear Analysis

We create nuclear analysis software with tools like full plant transient analysis and production-level run time tracking.

Software for Power Plant Design

The 3Dmodels, visualizations, material and procurement projects, and other tools for forecasting, testing, and compliance tracking are all part of our custom design software.

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