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Foreignerds’ team of experienced engineers has a wealth of industry knowledge in developing scalable management software solutions tailored for airlines, airports, and independent vendors.

Software development for flight operations

Software development for airline reservations and bookings

Software development for maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO)

Software development for drones

AI Solutions for the Airline Industry

With its state-of-the-art technology and deep industry expertise, Foreignerds’ advanced AI solutions are transforming the airline industry by maximizing revenue management, optimizing flight operations, predictive maintenance, and more. Our AI-driven systems provide real-time insights, streamline workflows, and ensure adherence to regulatory standards. Seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructure, our solutions empower airlines, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facilities, as well as flight operators to enhance operational efficiency and provide exceptional customer support.

Systems for Managing

Solutions for Managing
Flight Routes

Management of Air

Management of Crew

Predictive Maintenance
Solutions for MRO

AI for Detecting Flight
Booking Fraud

Flight Planning & Optimization

In order to create the best flight plans, our AI experts can create algorithms that analyze a large amount of data, such as weather conditions, airspace restrictions, and aircraft performance characteristics. It aids in reducing emissions, improving route efficiency, and optimizing fuel consumption.

Air Traffic Management

We can incorporate AI that aids in controlling air traffic by forecasting congestion, and giving air traffic controllers real-time updates.

Predictive Maintenance

We create AI algorithms that examine sensor data from aircraft systems to find patterns,and identify maintenance needs.

Automated Cockpit Systems

Our programmers can incorporate AI to automate repetitive tasks like auto-piloting, auto-landing, and auto-taxiing.

Aircraft Performance Monitoring

We can create AI algorithms that analyze data on aircraft performance, and pinpointing areas for development.

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Airline Operations and Resource Management

Our specialists can create AI that helps airlines optimize resource allocation, crew scheduling, and aircraft routing. The AI algorithms can boost operational effectiveness and cost-efficiency by taking into account crew availability, maintenance needs, and passenger demands.

Airlines reservation designs

We provide database architecture for data in our airline reservation system design solutions, along with management of flight schedules and seating.

Airlines Ticketing Services

Online check-in management, online payment, and boarding pass printing are all features built into airline ticketing system services.

Airline reservation system

Our Safety management apps are tailored for Passenger Name Records (PNR) as well as No-Fly List Data.

Drone Software Development

Custom drone software is created by Foreignerds for a variety of industry sectors, including search and rescue, construction, search and agriculture, and photography.

Mission-Critical Drone Software Development

Create drone software for vital operations, facilitating asset inspections in urban and remote locations through advanced LIDAR sensor configurations and high-resolution 3D photogrammetry.

Drone Mapping Software Development

Our versatile drone mapping software enables users to obtain aerial views, consolidate extensive land areas into easily understandable maps, share maps, visualize temperature variances, and gain valuable real-time insights.

Drone Photogrammetry Software Development

Utilize third-party GIS solutions to design geospatial mapping interfaces for photogrammetry software, converting thermal, infrared, and RGB imagery into 3D terrain models and orthomosaic maps.

Drone Delivery Software Development

Develop drone delivery solutions equipped with action triggers and precise landing and delivery deploy tags, enabling drones to accurately hover over designated areas or initiate landings for package deliveries.

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