Facility Management Software Tailored Solutions

For comprehensive Facility Management Software (FMS) solutions, whether you require an entirely new system or specialized features integrated into your existing setup, our team at Foreignerds offers versatile and cost-effective development services.

Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Solutions

Our CAFM software is designed to plan, execute, and monitor all building activities, from equipment maintenance to room reservations, asset management, space maintenance, work orders, and more.

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS)

Customizable IWMS software crafted by us aids facility managers across commercial, residential, educational, and government sectors in optimizing operations, fostering transparency, standardizing processes, and minimizing operational costs.

Incorporating AI and Machine Learning

Integrating machine learning and AI technologies into our facility management solutions elevates capabilities like predictive maintenance, energy optimization, space management, intelligent asset tracking, automated work orders, and advanced analytics.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Our focus on asset tracking and scheduling results in CMMS software coupled with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) functionalities, monitoring assets’ profitability and conditions throughout their lifecycle.

Central Reservation Systems (CRS)

We develop CRS software encompassing direct booking, room inventory management, guest check-in/check-out, room access controls, automated confirmation/cancellation, and digital point-of-sale (POS) systems for seamless payment handling.

Cloud-based Facility Management Platform

At Foreignerds, our cutting-edge facility management software operates on a revolutionary cloud-based platform, offering convenient remote accessibility, scalability, and top-notch data security measures. With regular updates and seamless integration capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integrated into Facility Maintenance

Foreignerds seasoned developers harness advanced artificial intelligence technologies to revolutionize preventive maintenance in facility management, streamlining repairs, and minimizing operational costs. Our software specialists craft AI-driven solutions aimed at modernizing and optimizing property management.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Expert-level developers at Foreignerds supplement state-of-the-art AI tools to modernize preventive maintenance and facility management, expedite repairs and maintenance, and save costs. Our software engineers develop AI-powered tools to advance and modernize property management and facilities management.

Enhanced Predictive Maintenance

Our AI experts at Foreignerds enhance innovative resources to automate routine tasks, reducing time spent on managing building assets. Tailored predictive analytics accurately forecast the performance of critical building components like HVAC, enabling proactive monitoring and strategic planning to ensure optimal performance.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration in Facility Management

Our dedicated developers customize IoT solutions for remote facility and asset monitoring, enhancing energy efficiency through automated utility usage and sensor-based monitoring. Paired with advanced AI predictive analytics, these solutions empower facility managers to accurately predict utility performance and identify potential faults in vital assets such as HVAC, making multi-site facility management a seamless process.

HVAC Performance Optimization

HVAC maintenance and replacement significantly impact facility management. Our software experts design and deploy cutting-edge AI resources to analyze performance data, recognizing patterns to proactively alert management through connected devices about the operational status of costly assets. Say goodbye to traditional repair ticket protocols with Foreignerds’ implementation of cloud-based remote asset monitoring driven by AI, reducing miscommunication and wait times.

Sophisticated Maintenance Management Software

Foreignerds expert engineers harness the latest AI and IoT resources to optimize facility management, creating innovative smart execution protocols that streamline operations and cut costs. Our skilled software developers tailor IoT-based sensors to seamlessly integrate with building assets and infrastructure. This integration enables smart lighting systems, remote monitoring, and management of assets such as heating and cooling systems, and sophisticated automation systems to enhance building security and drive innovation.

Ensuring Safety and Security

Recognizing the critical role of safety and security tech resources in protecting real estate assets and tenants, Foreignerds software specialists design, program, and integrate AI analytics. These advanced systems monitor building foot traffic and automate access control within predetermined business hours. Our adept software designers customize security cameras with enhanced image recognition, ensuring proper access and monitoring for all residents, tenants, and guests.

Tailored Facilities Management Software Solutions

We integrate bespoke FM features that precisely align with your business requirements. This allows managers to measure and optimize real estate utilization, control building occupancy, manage reservations, schedule preventive maintenance services, oversee employees, and much more.

Cutting-Edge Asset Tracking Software

Our EAM platforms are designed to enable managers to track the location of all physical assets using GPS-enhanced embedded barcode/QR scanners and RFID technology.

Efficient Inventory Management Solution

Foreignerds developers create centralized inventory repositories for maintaining comprehensive visibility of equipment parts and supplies. Our systems automate reorders for supplies as needed, streamlining inventory management.

Building Specification Management

Our custom CAFM systems empower instant access to facility information, including dynamic floor plans, building models, HVAC layouts, and essential material details.

Facilities Management Software Solutions

We incorporate FM features that are specifically designed to meet your unique business requirements. This gives managers the ability to monitor and maximize the use of real estate, manage personnel, schedule preventive maintenance services, check and make reservations, control building occupancy, and much more.

Personnel Information Management System

Our developed personnel repositories streamline the consolidation of all pertinent information. This includes background details and access credentials for office staff and building crew.

Efficient Work Order Administration

We streamline your work order and project management processes by crafting intuitive, user-friendly input modules. These modules come with customizable fields and comprehensive dashboards for enhanced efficiency.

Insightful Asset Analysis

Our bespoke FM reporting tools and analytics dashboards provide a comprehensive view of operational metrics. This enables managers to analyze trends effectively and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Ensuring Compliance with Facility Management Standards

Foreignerds custom-designed CAFM, CMMS, and IWMS systems are tailored to assist in meeting regulatory standards and adhering to industry best practices.

Field Service Management Mobile Applications

We design FSM mobile apps that simplify back-office processes and empower field service operators to swiftly raise service requests, identify issues, and complete tasks punctually, minimizing disruptions.

Solution for Inventory Management

To ensure complete visibility over equipment parts and supplies, our developers create centralized inventory repositories and work to automate supply reorders when necessary.

Facility Management Software Integration

Foreignerds seamlessly integrates leading facility management software into your internal systems. This integration optimizes workflows, automates daily tasks, ensures comprehensive visibility into FM operations, manages assets, and creates a unified, all-in-one platform.

UpKeep Integration

Incorporate UpKeep into your internal processes to automate regular maintenance tasks and enhance operational efficiency within your facility.

eMaint CMMS

Utilize eMaint CMMS to implement predictive maintenance strategies based on real-time data, aiding property managers in making informed decisions.

Hippo CMMS Integratios

Integrating Hippo CMMS provides users access to a comprehensive suite of essential CMMS features, streamlining maintenance operations efficiently.

iOffice Integration

By integrating iOffice, access relevant data to reduce costs, optimize space utilization, and foster transparency across your entire organization.


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