Jobget App - Get a Job developed by Appinventiv

A job search platform exclusively for the blue collar job space.

The MIT Inclusive Innovation award winning app, JobGet is reshaping the employment landscape by making it instant, accessible, and efficient.



Transforming the education sector with decentralized LMS

The app which answers all the authentication and genuinity issues prevalent in todays education sector through the power of Blockchain.

Jobget App - Get a Job developed by Appinventiv


Bringing the benefits of micro-mobility on mobile

An app that gives its users a chance at lowering their carbon footprint by bringing the fuel-free mode of travel on-demand and on their mobile.



A social network for collective experiences.

An app that captures rawness, spontaneity, togetherness and weaves your little moments into a movie format.

Jobget App - Get a Job developed by Appinventiv


Bringing long-term patient monitoring and engagement processes to Mobile

A unique remote patient engagement solution for surgeons to collaborate with their patient post-surgery.



Consolidating all your medical data using IoT technology on one mobile platform.

Now bring all your fragmented medical data lying in your medical records and your wellness data from wearables to one platform.


Bada Business

An app that help commoners find the entrepreneur inside them.

A Platform for Budding Entrepreneurs and Business Domain Students to Learn the People Part of the Business World.

Jobget App - Get a Job developed by Appinventiv


A fitness & lifestyle app powered by NASA

A unique fitness tracking app that helps to build your health profile and drive its results from an algorithm developed by NASA



The Next Big Blockchain Revolution.

A platform that lets you own your creativity by rewarding you with cryptocurrency.

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