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We Have Fraud Prevention & Detection Software Developers-for-Hire

When it comes to safeguarding your business against fraud, having the right software is crucial. Our team of developers at Foreignerds can help you create robust fraud prevention and detection software solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Enterprise Fraud Protection Software Development

To combat fraud at an enterprise level, our highly experienced developers are skilled in programming advanced fraud detection analytics. We create platforms with customized rule-based engines, machine learning capabilities, data analysis algorithms, and Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) technologies. This comprehensive approach ensures that potential fraudulent activities are swiftly identified and prevented.

E-Commerce Fraud Detection & Protection Software

For e-commerce businesses, protecting against fraud is of utmost importance. Our team specializes in building end-to-end e-commerce fraud management solutions. These solutions are equipped with unique features such as pattern recognition, data mining, real-time monitoring, and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). By leveraging these capabilities, we empower your business to proactively identify and mitigate fraudulent activities in the e-commerce space.

Banking & Financial Crime Management Software

In the realm of banking and financial services, staying one step ahead of fraudsters is essential. Our fraud detection and protection software is designed to enable banks, processors, acquirers, and other financial networks to combat fraud in real-time and at scale. By implementing our solutions, financial institutions can effectively reduce fraud losses, improve detection rates, and prevent financial crimes before they occur.

Fraud Prevention Software Development

Foreignerds’s custom fraud prevention software solutions are designed to prevent various fraudulent activities within organizations. These solutions address issues such as money laundering, tax evasion, forged bank checks, identity theft, cybersecurity threats, fraudulent insurance claims, terrorist financing, and other prevalent fraudulent activities. hukuki

Internal Fraud Prevention

Through AI-powered cloud environments, we develop cloud machine learning platforms that enable organizations to detect and prevent internal fraud. Our solutions also include the deployment of intelligent chatbots and optimization of external cloud storage data to enhance fraud prevention measures.

Voice Recognition/Authentication

By harnessing the capabilities of IoT and the cloud, we create robust and highly functional cloud IoT solutions that support voice recognition and authentication. These solutions can be applied to various applications, including connected devices and industrial operations.

Fraud Statistical Data Analytics

We utilize the potential of cloud computing to enhance big data storage processing and visualization for fraud statistical data analytics. This includes adjusting data volume, velocity, and variety to meet the specific needs of businesses in combating fraud.

Phishing & Scam Protection

Similar to our internal fraud prevention approach, we leverage AI-powered cloud environments to develop cloud machine learning platforms for effective phishing and scam protection. This involves deploying intelligent chatbots and optimizing external cloud storage data to strengthen defenses against fraudulent activities.

Authorized Push Payment (APP)

Combining the capabilities of IoT and the cloud, we develop robust cloud IoT solutions that facilitate authorized push payment (APP) transactions. These solutions support connected applications and empower industrial operations with secure and efficient payment processes.

E-Commerce Platform Fraud Solutions

By unlocking the power of cloud computing, we enhance big data storage processing and visualization capabilities to provide fraud solutions for e-commerce platforms. This involves adapting data volume, velocity, and variety to meet the specific requirements of businesses operating in the e-commerce sector.

Fraud Detection Software Development

Foreignerds offers adaptable and expandable enterprise fraud detection software solutions that employ machine learning/deep learning, rule-based decision engines, artificial intelligence, and streaming analytics for rapid identification of fraudulent activity.

Fraud Prevention & Detection Tools & Technologies

Our custom BI software solutions aim to prevent and detect fraud in your business processes. We import crucial data from various web/URL feeds and file formats, such as JSON, HTML, XML, CSV, XLS, and XLSX, among others. By seamlessly integrating third-party business intelligence (BI) analytics solutions, we help streamline workflows and provide comprehensive visibility into your business insights.


With Redis integration, our developers connect the ZOHO analytics platform to your existing business systems. This integration allows us to collect raw data and transform it into visually captivating reports and dashboards, providing valuable insights for your organization.


Foreignerds specializes in integrating third-party software with SAP BusinessObjects, enabling you to enhance your business processes and workflows for real-time reporting and increased return on investment (ROI). By integrating Forter, we can improve your business efficiency and optimize your operations.


We integrate Logi Analytics Solutions into your current business systems, minimizing maintenance and deployment costs. Additionally, this integration provides access to a fully documented embedded analytics platform, empowering you to utilize comprehensive analytics capabilities while reducing overheads.

Our skilled developers seamlessly integrate with Oracle Business Intelligence solutions, enabling effective management of business insights. Through this integration, we help streamline workflows and provide complete visibility into metrics, allowing you to make informed decisions for your business.


By integrating Looker with any application and business system in your organization’s infrastructure, we enable users to explore, analyze, and share real-time, insightful business analytics effortlessly. Riskified integration enhances data-driven decision-making and promotes collaboration within your organization.


Integrating DOMO with your current business applications provides a centralized, cloud-based platform. This integration allows you to consolidate data from various sources, including Excel spreadsheets, email attachments, FTP files, and flat files. With CyberSource integration, you can access and manage diverse data types efficiently.

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