Effortlessly Scale Your Business by Offloading
User-Centric Tasks

In order to provide outstanding customer experiences on your behalf, our highly qualified developers will learn every aspect of your products and services using their extensive industry and technology experience.

White-Label Developers

To provide your customers with professional-level product support and services, utilize the trained and certified development team at Foreignerds. Your business will benefit from the extra bandwidth from “your” developers.

Direct Affiliate

Make Foreignerds your go-to partner for customization and implementation. You will profit throughout each project because Foreignerds will meet the direct software needs of your clients.

Business Referrals

Do you favor a more passive strategy? No issue! Get paid a flat fee each time you recommend Foreignerds to your clients. From there, everything will be handled by us.

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How Can Foreignerds Help You?

Would you like your users, clients, and technology partners to be able to customize your software for their benefit? Do you lack the time and resources required to meet their demands? We’ll handle the work for you using our technical know-how and sector-specific expertise. In this manner, you can maintain customer satisfaction while concentrating on more important tasks.

Software customization

Have your customers requested software customization from you? Are you too occupied to assist? Allow the Foreignerds developers to make the required modifications to your software and lessen your workload.

Seamless Integrations

We can seamlessly integrate your product with the vital systems used by your clients. Almost any on-premises system, cloud software service, or third-party platform can be integrated by Foreignerds.

Custom Implementation

Client requests for software implementation can occasionally be complicated. By configuring, personalizing, integrating, and supporting your software, our developers will make it simple.

Migrations and Upgrades

We'll ensure a smooth transition for your new users from a competing software platform to “your” platform. Additionally, our group can guarantee that users are upgraded from legacy systems.

Extension/Plugin Development

We improve and expand your software by incorporating business-focused features. We meet all of your client's requirements for plugin/extension development.

Block-of-Hours Assistance

Do your clients need some help? Do they desire hourly assistance for a limited time? Through our block-of-hours program, Foreignerds provides both technical and non-technical support.

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