Custom Banking Software Development Solutions

Foreignerds team of skilled developers offers cutting-edge software solutions that transform your core environment and streamline banking & financial workflows in order to meet the technical requirements of the constantly changing banking industry.

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Core Banking Systems


Mobile Banking App

Loan Servicing &Origination


Custom Loan Servicing & Origination Solutions

Underwriting, origination, disbursement, servicing, amortization, processing, and many other tasks are handled for financial services and institutions by Foreignerds' custom loan servicing and origination personalized solutions.

Loan Servicing & Management Systems

For banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, Foreignerds develops custom loan servicing systems and Loan Management Systems (LMS) that are made to track a variety of loan types, including cash advances, mortgages, personal, business, and student loans.

Loan Origination Systems

With upload, parsing, data extraction, and document management capabilities, we program Loan Origination Systems (LOS), which include modules for online loan applications, underwriting, credit checks, decision support, conditions tracking, and more.

Loan Settlement Software Platforms

Foreignerds skilled programmers create platforms for loan debt payment and settlement that have automated billing and payments and support all payment types through ACH and EFT transactions.

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Custom Mobile Banking Software Solutions

Foreignerds enables the customization of features like text messaging, statement downloading & printing, remote check deposit, P2P payments, fund transfers between accounts, and electronic bill payments for mobile banking software providers.

Custom Mobile Banking Apps

Utilizing cross-platform development tools like Xamarin & Apache Cordova, we create native mobile banking apps for iOS & Android that have quick and simple UI/UX that are responsive on smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

Core Banking System Integrations

Using RESTful APIs, we integrate mobile banking apps with a financial institution's back-end CORE banking system, enabling seamless cross-channel interactions and real-time money transfers between different accounts.

Check Remote Deposit Capture

To comply with Check 21 requirements, our programmers implement Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) modules that are integrated with the camera function of your device. These modules enable check truncation and conversion of checks into ACH transactions.

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Custom Online Banking Software Systems

For brick-and-mortar and digital financial services institutions of any size, Foreignerds developers build robust, simple customizations to online banking software systems with integrated branding for improved consistency & visibility.

Custom Online Banking Platforms

With hybrid mobile banking apps that use tools like Apache Cordova (previously PhoneGap) to create consistent user experiences across all digital channels, including web, iOS, and Android, our banking software experts make mobile banking for your customers simple.

Custom Online Banking Apps

With hybrid mobile banking apps that use tools like Apache Cordova (previously PhoneGap) to create consistent user experiences, our banking software experts make it simple for your customers to conduct banking transactions while on the go.

Security for Custom Online Banking

The risk management tools and network security features that Foreignerds banking solutions experts implement include TCI/IP, SSL/TLS, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), One-Time Passwords (OTP), Single Sign-On (SSO), and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

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Custom ATM Software Development

Foreign banking software developers are at the forefront of the sector, customizing and configuring current ATM software as well as offering complete end-to-end ATM software development services to domestic and foreign financial institutions.<

ATM Hardware Integrations

Our programmers create multi-vendor software with integrations to a range of hardware platforms, including card readers (MagTek, ID TECH, VeriFone, and Ingenico), bill dispensers (LG, Fujitsu), and credit and debit card readers.

ATM Management Solutions

Our programmers implement back-end and admin portal programming, automatic system updates, and enterprise-wide ATM management software for remote diagnostics and monitoring in a self-service network.

Custom CORE Banking Solutions

The Centralized Online Real-Time Exchange (CORE) banking software services provided by Foreignerds developers are easily capable of supporting all of a bank's most frequent transactions, such as making and processing cash deposits and withdrawals.

Solutions for Core Banking Software

With customizable CORE system platforms that make use of Java-based architectures and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) compatible with existing software and external networks, our programmers completely automate all banking systems.


Custom EMV Software Solutions

In order to enable institutions to deliver secure data in delicate settings, Foreignerds offers a comprehensive, broad range of EMV software solutions, from custom-coded programming to advanced feature implementation.

Software Development for EMV

Foreignerds provides expert end-to-end EMV migration services, including software development, testing, and validation for fully and partially integrated solutions that are EMV compliant.

Security Solutions for EMV

With tokenization data security protocols, such as End-to-End (E2E) and Point-to-Point (P2P) encryption, and 3-D Secure (3DS) authentication, we create customized embedded software.

Electronic Money Services

We create card reader solutions such as the Verifone VX/MX/UX series, the Ingenico iPP/iCT/iSC/iWL series, and more that are PCI PTS 3.x/4.x certified and support EMV Levels 1, 2, and 3.

EMV Certification & Testing

We test and certify using a variety of tools, including the Visa Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit (ADVT), MasterCard Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP), and Terminal Quality Management (TQM).


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