Location Based App Development Services

Our specialization lies in the development of sophisticated location-based apps, offering comprehensive location-based services and innovative geolocation app development. With the expertise of our GIS consultants, we deliver tailored mobile solutions, employing advanced GEO-positioning and GPS coordinate processing. Our portfolio encompasses the design of location-based games, fitness apps, and virtual and augmented reality experiences, catering to diverse business requirements across various platforms, including Android and iOS.

Efficient Point-of-Interest Localization

In today’s dynamic business landscape, it is essential for dedicated apps to include robust features for locating the nearest stores or service providers. We craft high-end location based app development services equipped with GPS tracking modules that provide accurate driving estimations, dynamic condition filtering, and user-friendly interfaces, encouraging frequent app usage and customer engagement.

Robust GPS and Navigation Applications

Our developers specialize in creating GPS-based applications that seamlessly integrate with third-party services, such as weather and traffic apps, through custom APIs. We engineer real-time routing and re-routing software, facilitating efficient fleet and logistics management with integrated location-based functionalities and GPS tracking technologies.

Innovative Social Media

“Checking in” has become an integral function in social networks, delivering significant benefits for businesses across various industries. Leveraging our expertise, we design and integrate social media apps with advanced location-based features, including location-based tagging, catering to a wide range of applications, from infotainment to emergency services.

Dynamic Proximity-Based Marketing

Our team specializes in building digital marketing apps with cutting-edge location based app development services capabilities, including location-specific push notifications. Leveraging geofencing technology, we enable businesses to automate targeted marketing campaigns, delivering tailored marketing materials to customers’ thereby enhancing customer engagement and driving conversions.

Efficient Asset Tracking Technologies

Maintaining visibility over company assets, be it IT equipment, heavy machinery, or human resources, is vital for ensuring seamless operations and revenue generation. We harness advanced technologies such as barcodes, RFID trackers, NFC tags, and IoT scanners to update centralized databases in real-time, ensuring comprehensive asset tracking and management.

Seamless Field Service Applications

Our team develops mobile field service applications that empower employers to monitor their workforce efficiently. With our location based app development services, businesses can easily track individual field workers, manage deliveries, streamline dispatching operations, track assets, and maintain a comprehensive database of location-specific events, ensuring streamlined operations and efficient service delivery.

Effective Geofencing Location Based App Development Services

We offer comprehensive geo-fencing solutions with integrated alert triggers, facilitating targeted messaging and email communications. Additionally, we specialize in geo-tagging software development, integrating custom modules with photo applications and remote sensing devices such as RFID, barcode, and QR scanners, ensuring seamless data integration and enhanced operational efficiency.

Seamless Integrations and Customizations

Our team of LBS software specialists is proficient in the code and development environment of leading geo-location software offerings, including Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and MapQuest. We excel in configuring and integrating these services into various mobile, desktop, and web applications, delivering unique and feature-rich map experiences tailored to specific business requirements.

Hire Location-Based Software Developers

Tailored Custom Mapping Service Integrations

Leveraging the native location-based hardware features of devices such as phones, tablets, and smartwatches, we develop advanced apps, games, and software for various platforms, including VR, iOS, and Android. Our expertise extends to creating location-based apps with integrated mapping features from leading providers, including Apple Maps, Bing, Google Maps, and Waze, ensuring seamless and comprehensive mapping solutions for diverse business needs.

Bing Maps

Integrating Bing Maps V8’s universal mapping controls for PC and Mac browsers, as well as mobile platforms, our team leverages Bing Maps’ versatile API, well-suited for web-based applications with support for JavaScript and TypeScript. Crafting native map experiences for Android and iOS apps using Bing Maps features and services, we develop Unity-based applications that effectively harness Bing Maps’ 3D data. Leveraging Bing Maps’ REST Services, we create location intelligence functions, including geocoding, reverse-geocoding, and time zone lookup, along with spatial data services providing point of interest (POI) and batch geocoding.

Waze Maps

Our team specializes in developing custom applications that seamlessly incorporate Waze tools, allowing users to access information on parking lot locations, event venues, and navigation instructions. By embedding Waze’s navigation framework into our applications, users can seamlessly utilize navigation features without leaving the app interface. Leveraging Waze Audio Kit, we integrate podcasts, audiobooks, and music into your application, providing an enhanced user experience. Additionally, we create feeds that offer real-time information on traffic conditions, alternate routes, accidents, and food/rest stop locations, enhancing the overall user experience.

Google Maps

We excel in developing dynamic applications that effectively utilize the Google Maps API, enriching millions of places with detailed information and providing autocomplete results for user queries. Leveraging the geocoding API, we facilitate seamless conversion between addresses and geographic coordinates, and with our geolocation features, users can access location data without relying on GPS. Integrating Google Maps directly into ride-sharing applications, we enhance navigation and ensure a seamless user experience. Our expertise extends to providing immersive real-world 3D structures with up-to-date global data for Unity-based games, fostering engaging and interactive gaming experiences for users.

Apple Maps

Our development team crafts intuitive applications that leverage MapKit to display interactive maps with custom annotations, highlighted regions, and overlays, providing users with a seamless and comprehensive mapping experience. Offering users full control to pan, rotate, zoom, and move the map in 3D, we ensure a highly interactive user experience. Additionally, our use of direction APIs allows users to access their current location and receive guidance to their desired destination seamlessly. Leveraging MapKit JS, we seamlessly integrate Apple Maps into webpages, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive mapping experience for web-based applications.

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