The XSEED curriculum covers all core academic subjects – language, mathematics, science, social studies, and music. In addition, XSEED provides a range of enrichment programs to supplement and complement the core curriculum.

XSEED also offers a wide range of professional development programs for teachers, school leaders, and education policymakers. These pro- grams aim to improve teaching and learning outcomes by sharing best practices and knowledge from around the world.

The Task

They had been struggling with Migration of Data migration specifically because it takes too long and causes performance issues during load time on the site.

After implementing a few changes that helped them get through those tedious tasks much faster, this client saw an increase in both conversions AND revenue!

Here are the fruits of our work

With so much going on, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when starting a new website. XSEED Education needed help getting started and our team were happy they came in contact with us! We created an inter-face design that would meet their needs while being modern-looking enough for clients who wanted something sleek or traditional – whatever suited them best.

When we first got the design, our development team was hard at work creating everything you see and use on this website. From coding to file creation – they were dedicated!

We work with our talented team of developers to develop the perfect site for you. We start by creating an engaging design that will catch your eye, then code it all up so nothing gets in its way!

The team we worked with was looking to move their website from a backend built on node.js and manage it through an easy-to-use WordPress platform, which would not only be more user-friendly but also cheaper in terms of maintenance costs over time due to its less complicated design requirements.

We helped them achieve this by providing the necessary tools that al- lowed for quick launchings as well as remote access during updates or upgrades so you can keep your site up 24/7 without any downtime!

The Rewards

As our team of WordPress developers, we can work with a variety of technologies to accomplish the task at hand. We used WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

We’re a team that can do both design and development, which means we had an edge when creating our beautiful but functional site. We used Adobe XD for design and our team is skilled in both development, so we were able to create a beautiful yet functional site that will serve the organization well.

QA teams are vital to the success of an application. They test for functionality and ensure everything works as it should, giving users clear instructions on how best to use your web- site or app’s features.

The members within our QAs department played a key role in making sure that the XSEED Education site was fully functional before releasing them into production!

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