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Foreignerds extends its product lifecycle management (PLM) services to cater to businesses of varying sizes – small, mid-sized, and enterprise-level – connecting integral elements: people, processes, and essential data critical to your manufacturing and production workflows

Requirement Analysis & Extraction

Our developers offer a comprehensive view of your software project’s scope, meticulously defining and documenting software requirements and feasibility details within a detailed software requirement specification (SRS) document.

Architectural Planning

Designers craft either a high-level design (HLD) or a low-level design (LLD) document amalgamating key details from the SRS document, incorporating improvement feedback, interface relationships, module information, and other crucial elements.

Development & Coding

Our proficient developers construct the entire software system by employing specific programming languages such as Python or JavaScript, integrating custom-coded modules, compilers, debuggers, interpreters, and other essential components.

Thorough Quality Assurance

The software undergoes rigorous testing within a dedicated environment where our QA and testing teams identify bugs and defects, collaboratively addressing issues with developers to ensure the software’s stability.

Seamless Installation & Deployment

Seasoned developers, engineers, and programmers perform final edits and adjustments before deploying the software to the production environment for distribution across relevant application marketplaces.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Post-deployment, our IT support experts diligently provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the software system operates according to the detailed specifications outlined in the software requirement specification (SRS) document.

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Custom PLM Software Solutions by Foreignerds

Foreignerds specializes in delivering tailor-made PLM software solutions that enhance supply chain agility, ensure business continuity, uphold data governance, traceability, and maintain the highest standards of quality and compliance. These solutions seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems, offering a holistic approach to product lifecycle management.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Foreignerds provides comprehensive BOM management, ensuring digital associativity and out-of-the-box product structure management across supply chain, manufacturing, engineering, sales, and field service processes.

Change & Configuration Management

Our software developers define and control all necessary changes and configurations to the product, sharing them across the enterprise and providing real-time views to reduce production time.

Manufacturing Process Management

We offer methodologies tailored to specific manufacturing environments, ensuring seamless coordination between engineering and manufacturing workflows for a more connected and agile enterprise.

Product Data & Information Management

Our PLM solution guarantees that every engineering model, drawing, design, and document is centralized, allowing organizations to connect, communicate, and share robust product data and information across distributed teams.

Product Variability Management

We enable manufacturers to diversify their products to meet customer needs, executing different BOM information, embedded software, configurations, and other details via a single data source.

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Our MBSE-oriented approach enables early collaborative visualization and simulation, improving engineering workflows, productivity, quality, and regulatory compliance.

Project & Design Collaboration

Foreignerds connects cross-functional, geographically distributed project teams, facilitating collaboration regardless of location, with a focus on design, manufacturing outsourcing, and project management.

Quality Management

Our PLM solution provides automated failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), accurate root cause analysis (RCA), and closed-loop corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs), ensuring product quality meets or exceeds industry standards.

Requirements & Test Management

The requirements and test management phase offers end-to-end traceability, enabling teams to specify, define, verify, and validate all aspects of the product while mitigating risks and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Service Process Management

Our product-centric approach enables teams to manage all service information in a centralized source, incorporating automatically linked and updated parts lists, technical documentation, and CAD model illustrations.

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PLM Software Integrations

Leveraging the latest technologies, Foreignerds integrates popular PLM software tools with existing business systems, streamlining development, implementation, and deployment processes.


Linking Git with your systems allows for streamlined management of source code and collaboration on projects. Our experts ensure a smooth integration that aligns with your business objectives.

Oracle Agile

Integrating Oracle Agile PLM into your infrastructure facilitates effective management of product value chains and lifecycles. This integration offers clear visibility into product data, enhancing overall operational transparency.

Siemens PLM

Incorporating Siemens PLM, tailored for 2D, hybrid 2D/3D, and 3D design environments, into your PLM system significantly reduces IT burdens. This integration enhances efficiency and streamlines design processes.


Seamlessly integrating SAP PLM into your systems becomes a catalyst for developing and delivering high-quality products. This integration aligns with your organizational goals, propelling your business forward.

PTC Windchill

Implementing the PTC Windchill application suite provides a consolidated view of all multi-system data and product information. This integration enhances data visibility, ensuring efficient collaboration across teams.

Arena PLM

Empowering companies with the capability to rapidly develop and deliver high-quality, innovative products, Arena PLM seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure. This integration ensures affordability and agility in product development processes.

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