By consolidating a fragmented “new age” industry, locally and globally, addresses the needs of online visitors and consumers and offers self-transformative information/programming services via digital media. provides a host of services that include daily/weekly/monthly/yearly horoscopes forecasts, numerology readings, face readings, self-awareness, self-motivation, astrology reports and readings, Chinese Astrology, Tarot Card Readings, Eastern Oracles, Natal Reports, Birth Chart Readings, Psychic Readings, and more. endeavors to enrich and enlighten humanity through its networks, as well as through its diversification of unique products and services. plans to build brand equity by providing superior online, on-demand services worldwide via a multi-digital strategy.

The Brief

The days of astrological offline marketing are long gone. People nowadays rely too much on social media and the internet to address their issues or discover anything worthwhile. Customers are now using the internet to look for astrological services.

It’s important for an astrologer to have a high online presence and to put in the necessary effort to stay connected with people, and existing and future clients. Having a great online presence and promoting astrological services on the internet can help such online astrology services reach attain objectives in lesser time. has plans to reach tens of millions of visitors and subscribers in times to come.

With the help of certain digital marketing strategies and the use of advanced tools and techniques, we are able to increase the online presence and visibility of on various online websites, communities, and social media platforms to not just increase the numbers but also visible results with more users/ clientele.

And we were briefed

To contact the target audience, whether seeking astrological services or having difficulties in their lives, especially those who are seeking a career horoscope, love compatibility horoscope, daily zodiac sign forecasts, and astrology birth chart readings. The creation of a digital channel was necessary, such as an enhanced/outdated website, social media outreach, and content marketing.

To create a brand of in digital media using social media, PR, advertisements, listings, and blogs are the essentials that were required for a presence there. We had to start from zero.

The Challenge

The major issue for is acquiring trustworthy leads.

Another major difficulty was promoting since it faces off against a number of well-established rivals that have been active in digital media for some time.

Where we started…

Enhance and improve the functionality of the website design with a professionally designed website using relevant technology, tools, and techniques.

Update Facebook pages with relevant posts, blogs, articles, insights, tips, free remedies, and free horoscopes to build a community of like-minded interested clients.

Post website blogs/articles and off-page blogs/ articles to share knowledge and certain general predictions or horoscope forecasts weekly/fortnightly or monthly.

Update the website with generalized predictions pertaining to the day/ week/month for each zodiac sign including yearly horoscope forecasts.

Post reviews and testimonials of the existing clients who have availed of the astrology services in the past. The same required posting on social media.

Consider updating the YouTube channel to share videos of astrology tips, general predictions, horoscopes, remedies, or the services offered.


We could manage to attain more web traffic, gain organic leads, and increase conversions.

SEO and content – Having a website are necessary to reach out to potential customers and for them to discover

SEO could find potential customers for and boost the ranking of the web page at the top of their search results. On the other hand, the content could catch their attention and help in conversion.

Also, global SEO focused on building a topical presence in other parts of the world including the US and UK.

Local SEO could help the audience find astrology services near their locality in Australia. We begin local keyword searches that are among the most searched keywords which are related to astrologers on the internet.

Our strategies for Google My Business made the customers locate and also helped in a higher ranking.

Online PR and advertisement campaigns helped in generating good reviews, draw attention, and convince the audience to reach out to

Social media had a huge impact on those who are interested in horoscopes, zodiac signs, Tarot Card reading, numerology, face reading, and other astrology readings through Facebook and Instagram.

The Big Idea

We developed a precise and customized marketing strategy for for engaging audiences on social media and creating relevant content.

We improved the website by making it a more responsive website while targeting global and local SEO keywords using keyword research and competitor keyword analysis.

A content calendar was created comprising website blogs, blogs, articles, press-release, guest blogs, and online advertisements. Created location-specific keyword content that is user-friendly to reduce web- site bounce rate as well as to engage the readers.

We focused on Facebook and Instagram which are essential media and published interesting posts regularly on these platforms. We focused on Facebook and Instagram which are essential media and published interesting posts regularly on these platforms.

The eye-catching graphics were created along with suitable content to increase engagement focusing on horoscope forecasts, relationships, careers, compatibility, face reading, tarot card, numerology, and other astrology services.

With our digital marketing plans, the website of is ranking higher on Google SERP within a span of 3 months.

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