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We Provide Blockchain Development Services

Our software engineers are experts at designing blockchain systems from the ground up and customizing already existing blockchain solutions through software combinations, changes in functions, and feature implementations. Foreignerds is an acclaimed development business that can assist you in launching a state-of-the-art Blockchain solution in the market or upgrading your pre-existing systems. Our Blockchain Development increases corporate success and modernizes firms by creating tailor-made digital currencies, verification formulas, individual units, and construction protocols.

Blockchain Security

We develop blockchain security programs that recognize and speak to the key components of a multi-sector standard for shared and distributed records while altering the way companies manage transactions worldwide.

Public & Private Blockchain

We create specialized, secure private blockchains for enterprises that manage massive amounts of deals daily, as well as public, open blockchains that provide public access to the network.

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

We create personalized distributed applications and connect them to already present company systems where firms can take advantage of a secure and guarded setting for teamwork and various commercial activities.

We Build Custom Blockchain Applications

Foreignerds creates customized Blockchain Applications and merges them to existing corporate systems, allowing businesses to rely on a safe and secure platform for multiple business transactions.

Blockchain Application Development

We use external blockchain technology to construct secure, reliable, and highly expandable Blockchain Applications intended to provide multiple add-ons, decrease losses, avoid deception, do away with exorbitant middleman costs, improve local and global commerce, share confidential data, and so much more within a focused venue.

Strengthen Security

We use the decentralized nature of blockchain to develop applications, both internal and external, which are secure against compromises and can deal with sensitive information while avoiding fraudulence and digital assaults.

Bust Operational Bottlenecks

We create Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions to substitute inefficient, paper-based, and lengthy processes by implementing automated sequences into existing programs.

Cut Intermediary Costs

We create both private and public blockchain networks for the purpose of exchanging data records, statuses, payments, and other transactional information without the need for additional capital restrictions.

Cryptocurrency Mining Software

We incorporate ASIC chips into existing cryptocurrency mining programs to speed up transaction confirmations, as well as construct decentralized networks for mining pools, construct miner performance panels, and furnish structure solutions for mining farms.

Blockchain Wallet & Exchange Software

Our Blockchain Wallet & Exchange Software has a lot of tools, including the ability to trade different blockchain tokens & multiple digital currencies, automatically generate private & public keys, and participate in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Security Token Offerings (STO), and Digital Security Offerings (DSO).

Blockchain Smart Contract Development

Our Blockchain Smart Contract Development is tailored to provide decentralized web services to the financial, healthcare, e-commerce, supply chain, and gaming industries. These services include registration of loan requests and intellectual properties, generation of letters of credit for international transactions, and validation of insurance eligibility.

Blockchain Cryptocurrency Exchange

We create powerful, custom-branded Cryptocurrency Exchange Software to enable exchange operators, asset managers, token creators, brokers and dealers, and custodians to handle international trading of digital currency and blockchain-based digital assets ensured by a layered system to safeguard critical exchange information and assets.

Custom Blockchain Solutions

Custom NFT Marketplace Development

We provide personalized designs and development assistance for NFT marketplaces that convert the digital assets of users into NFTs and make them available for purchase or bidding to buyers.

Blockchain Security

We develop blockchain security software that deals with the essential aspects of a comprehensive cross-sector guideline for shared and dispersed ledgers and is revolutionizing the way companies carry out transactions all over the world.

Advanced NFT Functionality

Set up an NFT Marketplace where crypto speculators can access up-to-the-minute pricing information, payment procedures, and the auction period which permits bidding, as well as trading records. Our NFT coders devise showcases of the best NFTs being bought and sold on the platform utilizing custom sorting arrangements including exchange volume, average cost, and the total of NFT traders.

OpenSea SDK

The OpenSea SDK infrastructure provides a platform for constructing online marketplaces with custom designs, enabling the sale of ERC-20 items. Our NFT developers assist with designing marketplaces that support the creation of either ERC-721 or ERC-1155 (semi-fungible) items. Thanks to the OpenSea SDK, deployable smart contracts are no longer an issue.

Blockchain Technology Integrations

We use third-party blockchain platform APIs to create a unique way to bring your blockchain solution to life, offering increased scalability, adaptability, and increased protection.

Custom Blockchain Solutions

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