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Dynamic User Designs, Smarter User Navigation

Creating a successful app requires combining features that your consumers require with a design and user experience that is easy to use. Foreignerds’ professionals in UX/UI will make the ideal desktop, mobile, or web application to satisfy your business requirements and industry needs. We design and create digital user experiences that solve intricate business issues.

Information Architecture Design

Our developers make use of the most advanced tools to design content management lifecycles, content models, and powerful Document Information Typing Architecture (DITA), while simultaneously simplifying a natural process flow.


User Experience (UX) Development

We design interactive Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) that include features like 2D/3D animations and integrated media, giving a seamless user experience all through our tailored solutions.

User Interface (UI) Development

Our UI/UX designers are proficient in graphic libraries like OpenGL and WebGL. We work collaboratively with your stakeholders and IT department to design a style that is in keeping with your business’s culture and page layouts.

Mobile UX/UI Development

We use frameworks such as Xamarin, DevExpress, Ionic, Appcelerator, and Apache Cordova to create user interfaces and user experiences that are highly responsive and take advantage of touchscreen capabilities for progressive web applications.

Front-End Programming

Our front-end developers are knowledgeable in the major front-end programming languages (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js and Bootstrap. Our code is written to be optimized for different devices and browsers.

Intuitive & Interactive Solutions

We build user-friendly designs based on renowned user interface (UI) standards like Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) and Material Design in order to encourage positive reactions from users and facilitate an easy dialogue between the user and the interface.

Custom UX/UI Design & Development Processes

Our developers undertake a comprehensive procedure to gain understanding of your business objectives and the most suitable way to serve your intended audience with a smooth, instinctive, and enjoyable user experience.

Discovery Process

In order to gain a complete understanding, we investigate user data, technical restrictions, and corporate aspirations and demands through conversations with users and stakeholders, content and website evaluations, task evaluation, and ecosystem mapping.

UX Audit Process

We employ data-driven strategies to increase sales and guarantee that user-centric tasks like selections, menu options, and primary navigation are quickly found and recognizable, providing users with a straightforward way to accomplish their objectives within the website.

Information Architecture/Wireframes

We arrange the content and sequence of an application or website and create functional content structures from intricate sets of data, establishing a framework for content organization, data connections, and navigation.

Prototype Creation

The prototype creation process involves constructing, analyzing, and adjusting a functioning model or draft of the finished product. This allows us to visualize the end product and determine its usefulness prior to its ultimate implementation.

In-Depth User Research

Our thorough user investigation process gives us valuable information about the features that users will require from a product. We generate user profiles and examine user paths to comprehend their behavior and refine processes.

Gathering Requirements

We conduct thorough research in order to gain a comprehensive comprehension of the project and create a requirements definition document that outlines each project requirement extensively and helps to keep the project on target.

Visual Design Process

We perform assessments that prioritize the user’s point of view in order to create an experience that is more than just aesthetically pleasing. We emphasize practicality and ease of use when constructing a user experience that is built on a clear comprehension of users, tasks, and settings.

UX/UI Testing

We employ methods like Concurrent Think Aloud, Retrospective Think Aloud, Concurrent Probing, Retrospective Probing, website analytics, and A/B Testing to assess the usability of the finished product with genuine users.

Foreignerds UI/UX Technology Stack

We employ a variety of platforms and programming languages to guarantee our desktop and mobile UI/UX development services are flexible and capitalize on the full potential of these systems to offer computing power, improved visuals, strong security protocols, and higher performance.

Programming Languages

We program, develop, and design visually appealing and fluid websites and software solutions using HTML, Bootstrap, CSS3, JQuery, and different other programming languages.

Wireframe & Prototype

We use Google Web Designer, Adobe XD, InVision, and Figma to generate interactive prototypes for designs, letting us get immediate feedback quickly and effortlessly during the prototyping process.

Visual Designs

We develop intricate, adaptable, and user-friendly designs and wireframes that can be turned into interactive prototypes using programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, among others.

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