VueJS Frameworks
VueJS Frameworks

Understanding Vue.js and Its Frameworks


Vue.js, often referred to simply as Vue, is a front-end JavaScript framework that has gained significant popularity since its inception in February 2014. Created by Evan You, Vue is categorized as a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) framework and is primarily used for building user interfaces and single-page applications. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Vue.js and its associated frameworks, shedding light on whether it is a library or a framework and exploring some of the best Vue.js frameworks available in 2022.

Vue.js: An Overview

Vue.js, also known as Vue, is an open-source JavaScript framework designed for creating user interfaces with a primary focus on declarative rendering and component composition. It stands out for its simplicity, user-friendliness, and a highly adaptable architecture that enables gradual implementation. Whether you are a newcomer to Vue or seeking to delve deeper into its applications, this article will serve as a valuable resource for understanding the fundamentals of Vue.js.

The Need for Vue Frameworks

While Vue.js core library excels in handling the user interface, there arises a requirement for additional Vue frameworks to implement advanced features and develop complex applications. In this context, Vue.js frameworks play a crucial role, enriching the development experience and expanding the capabilities of Vue.js-based projects.

Top 10 Vue.js Frameworks in 2022

Here is a curated list of the top 10 Vue.js frameworks for web development in 2022, categorized into distinct sections to cater to different development needs and objectives.

Vue Frameworks for UI Components
  1. Bootstrap Vue
    • Bootstrap Vue offers a comprehensive implementation of Bootstrap 4 UI components and the grid system. It boasts support for over 45 plugins and provides nearly 85 UI components, along with multiple starter packs and themes for efficient web development. The framework is known for its automated WAI-ARIA markup, making it an ideal choice for building mobile-first ARIA-supported websites and hybrid mobile applications.
  2. Vuetify
    • Vuetify is a Material Component framework that offers more than 80 UI components for Vue.js 2. With customizable options and events, it supports server-side rendering applications and provides code scaffolding. It also includes three Vue CLI templates tailored for beginners.
  3. Vue Material
    • Vue Material is a Vue.js framework that aligns with Google’s ‘Material Design’ specifications. It features an easy-to-use API, multiple themes, and scalable Vue UI components, making it an attractive choice for front-end web development. Developed by Marcos Moura, Vue Material is a lightweight and modular tool, compatible with modern browsers, and accompanied by extensive documentation.
  4. Quasar Framework
    • Quasar is a versatile multi-platform framework that facilitates the development of progressive web applications, responsive websites, hybrid apps, and desktop applications. It boasts more than 120 UI components, including data tables, calendars, and WYSIWYGs. Quasar Framework stands out for its ability to integrate both simple and advanced features effectively.

Static Website Generators Based on Vue.js Framework

  1. VuePress
    • VuePress, created by Evan You and his team, is a static website generator designed to help developers build user interfaces for simple web pages and single-page applications (SPAs). While it is part of Nuxt.js, VuePress also functions as a standalone framework, offering features such as pre-rendered HTML webpage generation, markdown file compilation, customizable themes, and support for multiple languages.
  2. Gridsome
    • Gridsome is another static website generator that focuses on creating SEO-friendly progressive web apps with Vue.js. This open-source framework enhances the website deployment process, supports the Push, Render, Lazy-load, Pre-cache (PRLP) pattern, and offers features like code-splitting, GraphQL for queries, and automatic image compression. Gridsome allows developers to quickly build PWAs while connecting seamlessly to APIs, headless CMSs, or local files.

Mobile Frameworks for Vue.js

  1. Vue Native
    • Vue Native is a valuable resource for developing cross-platform native mobile apps with Vue.js. Leveraging the Vue CLI, watchers, virtual DOMs, and live synchronization, Vue Native utilizes HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create lightweight user interfaces for mobile applications.
  2. Vux
    • Vux is a mobile UI component library originally designed for the WeChat messaging app. It includes many components from WeUI and is documented in Chinese. Despite its language-specific documentation, Vux is widely recognized as a component library that offers Vue.js support.
  3. Mint UI
    • Mint UI is a lightweight Vue-based framework that specializes in mobile UI components. It provides CSS and JavaScript components for designing interactive mobile apps. Mint UI is highly customizable and designed to meet the needs of web developers and mobile/iOS app developers.

Server-Side Rendering

  1. Nuxt.js
    • Nuxt.js is an intuitive and versatile open-source Vue.js framework suitable for a wide range of development scenarios, including SPAs, Vue-based mobile apps, static websites, and PWAs. Nuxt.js empowers developers to create server-side rendered apps with Vue, offering SEO enhancements, meta-tag handling, preset configurations, and compatibility checks.

Selecting the Best VueJS Framework for Your Projects

Vue.js, being a lightweight JavaScript framework, simplifies UI creation for front-end developers. The availability of Vue.js frameworks further enriches the development workflow, offering numerous options and features to explore. Notably, a 2021 survey indicated that over 44 percent of web developers preferred Vue.js over React, Angular, and other JavaScript frameworks. The demand for VueJS developers has been steadily increasing in recent years, making it an attractive choice for those seeking high-paying, remote Vue.js job opportunities.

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