Search Engine Optimization is going to be a different level of game in 2020. As online competition continues to grow and new websites are being launched every day, it’s time to amend your digital marketing strategy and invest more in SEO. In the coming days, websites must be according to the specific requirements set by search engines like Google. This is where SEO comes into the picture. Most SEO experts agree that whenever they start feeling like the King of SEO techniques, Google always switches over to something else and they had to start it over again from the initial point.

Since technology is changing at a faster pace, the expectations,s, and needs of people are also changing. The reason for the rapid change behind Google’s algorithm is to make the website owners focus on what the user wants. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate new techniques to stay ahead of the competition. This article features the top SEO trends that on which you should keep your eye on in 2020.

Voice Search Optimization Is Here To Stay:

According to research, up to 50 percent of all search activity will be conducted by voice by 2020. Therefore, businesses must start preparing and optimizing for voice search to get ahead of the curve. In the coming two years, the competition will be at untamed as ever.

Considering the Voice Search Statistics:

1. Voice-based shopping is likely to jump to $40 billion by 2022.

2. Global voice-based smart speaker market could be worth $30 billion by 2024

3. 60% of Mobile users have given voice search a try, at least once in the 12 months.

4. 55% of youngsters are using voice search daily

Because of the voice search technology, searches in the form of direct questions will play an important part in SEO strategy in 2020.

Entity Engagement:

The authority of local businesses will be a key factor for higher rankings in 2020. This simply means that if more people love your neighborhood business, then Google will give a higher ranking position in the local search results. We can also say that engagement will be the most important part of search engine optimization in 2020.

Video Will Be A Crucial Strategy:

The incorporation of videos will be a great way to improve brand engagement in 2020. In past years, people spent an average of 67 minutes watching online videos every day and the time span is going to reach 100 minutes per day by 2021. The majority of the people have agreed that watching videos helped them in learning more about a product or service. One effective way is to add accurate schema tags that allow search engines to better understand your video content and rank it accordingly on the search engine result pages.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Dominate:

Artificial intelligence has become one of the top priorities of Google and other algorithm updates. According to the latest news, Google intends to use AI to read the website and therefore you need to optimize your titles, description tags for CTR, bounce rate & dwell time, etc. according to the AI guidelines.

Final Words:

Looking at the previous year’s data, voice search and AI is almost a dead sure addition that can change your entire SEO game. It is also a fact that the rapid changes have altered the landscape of SEO and all that we can do is to keep your website responsive and provide the best possible UI, after all, Google will love you when everyone else loves you first.

Post On September 25, 2023 | By Geneva Obrien

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