When it comes to SEO, WordPress is king. WordPress contains its own built-in  search engine optimization methods that are more powerful than most people realize.If your site’s content is unique, you’re using images with alt text and using the right keywords in your permalinks, pages, and posts you can make sure Google knows exactly what your site is about.

What are the 5 crucial steps to boost your WordPress SEO?

1) Use All Keywords in Post Titles

As stated before, when someone searches for something on Google they will be directed towards results that contain their search term somewhere in their content. This means if you want people to find you, you need to use your keywords in your post titles.

This will not only help other people find your site when they are searching for something related to what your content is about but it will also help Google determine exactly what the focus of your content is. If multiple sites have very similar titles and Google doesn’t know which one to show first, it may go with the site that has the most search terms in its title.

2) Use Phrase

Like I said before if multiple sites have very similar titles and Google doesn’t know which one to show first, it may go with the site that has the most search terms in its title. So even if you don’t think your site is related to the post with a very popular phrase in its title, it would be in your best interest to try and use that phrase. This will increase the chances that when people search for that phrase they will find you instead of someone else.

3) Use All Keywords in Post Titles

Google doesn’t like repetition either, so if they see too many times the same word appearing over and over again in your titles they might not rank you as high as they could because there wouldn’t be enough variety. It’s important to make sure all of your keywords appear throughout your post and not just all together at the beginning or end where everyone can see it. Using them throughout your content will help Google show you for more than just one or two words.

4) Make Full Use of Short Title Tags

Short title tags are still important, but not as much as they used to be.That’s because so many people would see the first site first on the list of results when they searched for something related to that phrase.

Nowadays, with social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc., all using title tags to show their content, people are generally scrolling down the list of results before clicking on anything. So longer title tags that provide more information about what your content is actually about will help you out-rank sites that have short titles even if they have more backlinks pointing to them.

5) Make Full Use of Short Title Tags

When writing a post it’s easy to keep thinking “I’m only going to put one or two keywords here”, but don’t do that!
If you are not using all of the space available for your post title then Google might not know exactly what your site is about and you will lose out on rankings because of it. sure to use every last character of your title tag to the best of your ability.


The most important thing to remember is that Google now uses title tags as a way to determine what your content is about, not just as a way of summarising it. So make sure you use all keywords throughout your post and don’t worry so much about repeating them in your post titles. Doing these 5 things can help you rank better on search engines for years to come!

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