A high bounce rate of the website can kill most of your conversions. If most of the visitors are abandoning your website, then you will not get the chance to convert them into a buyer or customers. If you have a higher than average bounce rate of your website, then it could be caused by many reasons such as slow load time, slow navigation, poor design, bad usability, lack of call-to-action, etc. you can also identify and fix the problems with your landing pages and follow some simple methods to fix your high bounce rate problem. Through this blog, we will be providing you with the 5 ways to lower your bounce rate.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile:

As per Google’s latest search engine update, websites that aren’t optimized for mobile are likely to receive less search engine traffic. Also, the sites that aren’t optimized receive exceptionally high bounce rates to a high percentage of mobile internet users. If your website and content aren’t yet optimized for mobile, then get it optimized to decrease the bounce rate.

Re-write Your Existing Content:

You can take a look at your website analytics to see which pages are contributing to the highest bounce rates. Ask yourself what you can do to improve that thin or poor-quality content. Your visitors are excited to learn something new or receive valuable information every time they visit your site. Make sure to give them the reason to stay at your website and spend a few minutes.

Have a Call to Action:

Make sure that each page on your site has a clear call to action to let help your readers know what to do next. This can be done using a great blog post or product page that can alone accomplish so much on its own. This is a simple strategy that creates fruitful results. Always make sure to suggest at least one further action your visitors can take after visiting these pages.

Minimize Your Load Time:

Gone are the days when visitors used to wait 6-10 seconds for a page to load before abandoning. The load time of your website pages has to load within 2-3 seconds; otherwise, your visitors will bounce instantly. Optimize your images and increase browser caching to increase your page speed.

Cut Down on Ads:

We know that carrying out ads can be very useful and might be your only source of revenue. On the other hand, too many ads on a website might irritate your visitors and send them back to the site. If you are using pop-up ads, take a look at what your bounce rates were before you started using them and track the effect of it on bounce rate.

You can implement these steps on your own or can hand them over to professionals like Foreignerds to do it for you.  Let us know your strategy to reduce the bounce rate on a website, in the comment section below.

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