What Does Foreignerds Advantage Mean to You?

Set up ‘your’ own office in India at zero cost.


Handpick your owndedicated employee(s)


Hire professionals fromany domain


Hire employee that works from a supervised professional office


Scale up or down with ease


We Take Care Of ‘Your’ Employee!

You do not have to take the stress of hiring, supervising, or managing employees as Foreignerds will take care of your ‘Virtual’ full-time employees who will be provided with all the necessary resources for completing your work within the pre-set time-frame. Whether it is software, hardware, networking, or office desk, and other equipment, we shall be taking care of your Virtual Employee, while you need not manage any office or assets.

Maximum Leverage from Our RPO Process

We recruit candidates from India preferably from Delhi / NCR region. India has an abundance of a highly talented pool of manpower resources in every field and profession that are well educated, skilled, and possess the requisite experience. Hence, when you are availing of outsourcing services from us, rest assured that you going to have access to a wide range of database that comprises of knowledgeable and expert professionals.

Unique Advantages Of The Our Hiring Process

Access To A Large Talent Pool

When you avail of our RPO (Resource Process Outsourcing) services, we give you access to a large number of candidates among whom you can select the best talent pool for the successful execution of your business. The availability of several online employee search portals helps you get the best fit for fulfilling your manpower requirements. Undoubtedly, when you hire candidates through Foreignerds, you can pick the best professionals, be they developers, designers, marketing experts, or employees for other job roles.

Opt The Employee You Seek To Hire

We give you access to hire only the best candidate from the large pool of professional candidates. Only the ‘fittest’ of the lot is what you get to hire as we undertake the screening, shortlisting, interviewing, assessment, and other rounds of recruitment with the candidates on your behalf. You need not spend time, effort, and cost on sourcing and contracting, as our team will manage all your manpower requirements within the stipulated time frame.


What do you get from Foreignerds?

While we manage your Foreignerds, you get the following benefits:

  • Knowledgeable, Skilled, and Experienced Foreignerds
  • No hassle to manage office, assets, and maintenance
  • Save cost on hiring and managing employees
  • No stress of handling shift timing, attendance, and leave records
  • Freedom from the cumbersome compliances, documentation, and compensation management

Frequently Asked Questions


The foreignerds employees at Foreignerds work as per their designated shift timings which varies according to their hourly or daily work timings. Most of the foreignerds employees have an 8-hour shift from Monday to Friday.

Indeed, you can impart training to your employees at a scheduled time through various online tools and apps.

Your data as well as work processes shall be 100% protected and free from any cyber threats or from any risk of misuse of information.

Outsourcing for great results!

We follow a Procedural workflow for dedicated Development and Resource allocation, Safeguarding integrated Communication and Complete plan Transparency that the Project Involves

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