CakePHP vs Laravel: The Ultimate PHP Framework Comparison
CakePHP vs Laravel: The Ultimate PHP Framework Comparison

Do you know 77.6% of websites use PHP 7 as their server-side programming language? The reason is it easily allows the addition of functionalities to web pages without requiring 3rd party files. Then the PHP frameworks are introduced. Among all popular PHP frameworks, Laravel and CakePHP frameworks are highly popular right now.

With the help of CakePHP and Laravel, PHP has cemented itself in the world of technology. Choosing between CakePHP and Laravel is challenging as both of these frameworks have unique features. Being a leading PHP and Laravel development services provider, we have an in-depth understanding of both these frameworks.

CakePHP vs Laravel

CakePHP vs Laravel
                                                               CakePHP vs Laravel

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is a free open source framework developed on MVC architecture. Based on the object-oriented model, it is mainly used to maintain and develop web applications in an easier way. Also, this framework works on a document-oriented database model. It is a modern way to store data in JSON format instead of rows and columns.

What are the Key Features of CakePHP?

Here are the four key features of CakePHP:

  1. User-Friendly Framework: The major reason behind the popularity of CakePHP is that it is highly user-friendly. This rapid web development framework helps you to develop complex websites in an easy way. With CakePHP, easily customize your website based on your modern programming requirements.
  2. Robust Performance: CakePHP is a great framework for developing websites to provide robust data validation methods. With the help of advanced tools, this framework makes complex structures simpler.
  3. Reasonable Approach: CakePHP framework allows you to reach your business website ahead of your competitors. We must say that it is one of the easiest ways to develop high-performance applications at competitive prices.
  4. Testing Method: It is hard to fix the bugs in your business websites. But CakePHP enables you to fix the errors in your web applications and business websites with the testing process. So, it makes things easy for you when you create a complex application with errors.

Ever had a question like when exactly should I use CakePHP? Check the following section to know the answer.

When to Choose CakePHP for Your Project?

Choose this framework if you are planning to develop projects with limited functionalities with MVC architecture. If you are seeking to develop fast and flexible templating with data sanitization and localization, go for CakePHP.

You have learned when to choose CakePHP; check the following section to know when you should not opt for CakePHP.

When NOT to Choose CakePHP for Your Project?

You should not choose this framework if you are planning to develop an enterprise-level project. For larger projects, Laravel is the right framework to use. Enough about CakePHP, next learn about the Laravel framework.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework used to develop full-featured web applications. It is also implemented on the MVC structure.

What are the Key Features of Laravel?

Being a secure PHP framework contains multiple features. The following list contains the key features of the Laravel framework:

  1. Unit Testing: The majority of web developers prefer Laravel as this framework facilitates unit testing. This framework is capable of running several tests to ensure that your business website is error-free.
  2. In-Built Widgets: Laravel offers numerous in-built widgets to developers that enable reusing particular functions to show app content in different forms. Though the Laravel framework provides many useful features like rapid web app development, robust application testing process, it lacks some features like performance, migration that Yii offers while developing a smooth web application. Refer to the difference between Laravel and Yii article to get more information.
  3. Eloquent Object Relational Mapping: Laravel framework offers Eloquent Object Relational Mapping. Web developers can use this functionality to write SQL queries by using PHP syntax. ORM is somewhat faster as compared to other frameworks.
  4. Modular Functionalities and Libraries: Laravel framework helps the developers by using in-built modular libraries that are inaccessible in other PHP frameworks. This framework enables modular and responsible web app development.

Check the following section to know when you should opt for the Laravel framework for your project.

When to Choose Laravel for Your Project?

This open-source framework means faster time-to-market as it uses a two-way data binding process. It is essential for you to know the core advantages of Laravel compared to other PHP frameworks. Save your time and cost by learning when you should not select Laravel for your project.

When NOT to Choose Laravel for Your Project?

It is advisable to avoid using the Laravel framework for smaller projects. CakePHP offers faster performance comparing Laravel for small projects. But for large projects, Laravel is the best choice.

You have understood about Laravel and CakePHP. The next section includes the in-depth difference between Laravel vs CakePHP including the final winner as well.

In-depth Breakdown of Laravel vs CakePHP

This detailed breakdown of Laravel vs CakePHP will help you to understand its key differences. Let’s have a glance at these points.

Data Backup and Handling

  • Laravel: Laravel has a good approach for data handling and backup. This framework can create a better layout and can keep a backup of your data.
  • CakePHP: As CakePHP is mainly preferred for small projects, it is also not considered for data backup and handling tasks. It is not good in terms of data backup and handling used in web development projects.

In comparison to CakePHP, Laravel is a better choice in terms of data back and handling.

Winner – Laravel


  • Laravel: Laravel works on a two-way binding process, so it is a bit complex. That’s why this framework is less preferable than CakePHP in terms of routing.
  • CakePHP: As CakePHP doesn’t offer data binding, it has a simple routing approach as compared to Laravel.

In comparison to Laravel, CakePHP is a superior solution in terms of routing.

Winner – CakePHP


  • Laravel: Large-scale projects are to be considered by Laravel. So Laravel is the sure winner in terms of scaling of projects. Therefore choosing Laravel development services is highly beneficial for your business.
  • CakePHP: CakePHP lags behind Laravel in terms of scaling as this framework is suitable for small-scale projects.

When it comes to scaling, Laravel is a better alternative comparing CakePHP. Also, hire Laravel developers if you are planning to develop a scalable solution for your business.

Winner – Laravel

As you have learned about the in-depth difference between CakePHP and Laravel. You should also know the answers to the most frequently asked questions about CakePHP and Laravel.


Both CakePHP and Laravel have their strengths and weaknesses, catering to different project requirements. The final choice depends on the specific needs and scale of your web development project.

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