FinTech Growing Influence on Financial Services
FinTech Growing Influence on Financial Services

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) represent the perfect amalgamation of websites and mobile applications, offering high-quality performance for online stores. When seamlessly integrated with the Magento 2 platform, PWAs bring forth a multitude of benefits for both merchants and end-users. To embark on the journey of developing a PWA for your Magento 2 website, it’s essential to understand how PWAs function within the Magento 2 ecosystem. This article provides a comprehensive insight into the workings of PWAs in Magento 2.

Understanding the Magento 2 PWA Structure

In earlier versions of Magento, there existed a tightly-knit connection between the front and backend, known as monolithic architecture. Making any frontend modifications necessitated extensive changes to the backend, leading to complex processes and hampering website speed.

Conversely, PWAs leverage headless architecture. When transitioning a Magento 2 website into a Magento PWA, the frontend transforms into a PWA storefront while the Magento backend remains unchanged. The PWA storefront and Magento 2 backend can function independently, with data transmission facilitated through APIs, acting as the bridge between the frontend and backend.

The headless structure of PWAs significantly enhances loading speed, augments user-friendly interfaces, and reduces bounce rates, thereby keeping users engaged for longer durations. This approach aligns perfectly with the mobile-first strategy, crucial for SEO rankings and sales revenue, especially given the rising number of mobile users.

How PWAs Operate in Magento 2


The Magento PWA solution encompasses a wealth of PWA-specific features that include:

  1. Lightning-fast speed: PWAs deliver unparalleled speed, ensuring swift and responsive user experiences.
  2. Like-app performance: Users enjoy app-like responsiveness and interactions.
  3. Offline mode: PWA functionality remains accessible even without an internet connection.
  4. Low data storage: Unlike native apps that consume significant storage space, PWAs typically occupy less than 1 MB.
  5. Add to home screen: PWAs can be added to the device’s home screen for convenient access.


PWAs excel in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by retaining the website’s original URL, making them indexable and shareable like regular sites. Their exceptional speed, mobile-friendliness, and user experience enhancements align perfectly with Google’s algorithm, contributing to higher rankings and increased organic traffic.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a dynamic PWA feature that enables merchants to keep customers updated with the latest promotions in real-time. PWAs allow unlimited subscribers, providing a powerful means of communication and engagement. Creating personalized and relevant notifications based on user behavior, location, and preferences enhances the likelihood of conversions.


Magento PWA simplifies the update process, eliminating the need for separate updates for Android and iOS systems. Updates are deployed directly to the PWA storefront or backend, with users receiving immediate notifications upon acceptance, resulting in a seamless and hassle-free process.

Extension Installations

While the installation process for backend-only extensions remains the same, extensions that support both the front and backend necessitate the development of APIs to ensure compatibility. This is one of the few drawbacks of Magento PWA.

Determining Which Magento Websites Should Integrate PWA

Understanding how PWA operates in Magento 2 prompts the question of which websites should consider PWA integration:

  1. Slow Upload Websites: If your Magento site struggles with uploading products, PWA can significantly improve upload speed, ensuring smooth operations and lightning-fast loading times.
  2. Unoptimized SEO Websites: PWAs enhance user experience and mobile-friendliness, leading to higher SEO rankings and improved search engine visibility.
  3. Insecure Websites: PWA enhances website security through HTTPS, ideal for safeguarding online transactions and customer data.

Exploring Magento PWA Solutions

Merchants exploring PWA integration have several options to consider:

  1. Magento PWA Extensions: These cost-effective solutions offer basic PWA features, such as “Add to the home screen,” push notifications, and offline mode. However, they may not provide the full spectrum of PWA capabilities.
  2. Magento PWA Studio: Introduced by Magento in 2018, PWA Studio receives regular updates but may lack appealing design and mobile optimization.
  3. Ready-made Magento PWA Themes: These themes, built with Magento PWA Studio or otherwise, provide well-structured and fully-functional PWA websites, offering ease of installation and customization.
  4. Custom PWA Development: For a fully tailored solution, custom PWA development is an option, albeit at a higher budget and longer development timeline.

Selecting the Best Magento PWA Developer

Choosing a reputable Magento PWA developer is crucial for successful integration. Tigren emerges as a prominent player in the field, with a track record of delivering high-quality Magento PWA development services. TigrenPWA, their ready-made PWA theme for Magento 2, combines functionality, affordability, and performance. It ensures stable operations, including analytics and reporting, product browsing, catalog management, order management, payment and shipping, and additional features like one-step checkout, live chat, quick view, Fastly CDN, and advanced page builder. TigrenPWA also allows for minor customizations and provides three months of post-installation support, prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Understanding how PWAs function within the Magento 2 ecosystem reveals the transformative potential of this technology for online stores. PWAs promise to enrich the user experience, improve SEO rankings, and boost sales revenue. To harness the power of this cutting-edge technology, consider TigrenPWA as your solution, and elevate your Magento website with premium design and features. Don’t let hesitation impede your progress; embrace the PWA revolution and reap the rewards it offers. Your journey to a more responsive and engaging online store begins with Magento 2 and TigrenPWA.

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