Your article on expanding a marketing agency’s business, even in challenging times, is comprehensive and packed with actionable strategies. You’ve put thought into creating a guide that covers a wide range of approaches to attract clients and grow the agency’s reach. Here’s feedback on your content:


Your introduction highlights the challenges marketing agencies face in a competitive landscape, setting the tone for the strategies you’re about to present.

Business Review: Know What’s Working:

You’ve emphasized the importance of assessing current strategies before introducing new ones. This approach ensures a solid foundation and targeted improvements.

Set Business Goals and Milestones:

Your explanation of SMART goals is concise and effective. Providing clear goals and direction is vital for any business’s success.

Shift The Focus: Create Unique Value Propositions:

Shifting the focus from pricing to unique value propositions is a crucial strategy. You’ve explained the concept well, highlighting the importance of setting the agency apart from competitors.

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Apply Proven Sales Closing Tips:

Your breakdown of different sales closing techniques is valuable. These methods provide a practical framework for the sales team to employ effectively.

Introduce a Sales Enablement Framework:

The concept of sales enablement is well-explained, and its benefits are highlighted. This approach combines marketing and sales efforts cohesively.

Promote Yourself:

Your suggestions of platforms like and Udemy for self-promotion provide actionable steps for marketing agencies to increase visibility and credibility.

Network Like The Pros:

The networking tips you’ve provided are actionable and insightful. Your emphasis on building relationships and offering value before expecting something in return is crucial.

Partner Up – Even with the Competition:

Exploring partnerships with complementary businesses and other agencies is a smart way to expand. Your explanation of the benefits of such collaborations is clear.

Prospect Strategically, with The Power Of Referrals:

Your distinction between cold, warm, and neutral markets is a unique approach to prospecting. The importance of referrals and leveraging existing relationships is well-stressed.

Don’t Give Lost Clients the Cold Shoulder:

Reconnecting with lost clients is often overlooked but can yield positive results. Your approach to addressing their previous concerns is practical.

Build More than Campaigns – Build a Product:

The concept of “Engineering as Marketing” is explained well. Offering free tools that provide value to potential clients is a smart way to showcase expertise.

Fill Out RFPs:

Your breakdown of the RFP process and tips for writing compelling proposals are informative. RFPs can indeed be a valuable channel for acquiring new clients.

Influence Prospects with Awards:

You’ve effectively highlighted the credibility boost that awards provide and suggested platforms to explore for agency awards.

Revive PR to Build Inbound Links and Brand Awareness:

The suggestion of leveraging PR and tools like and HARO is well-supported. Building backlinks and brand awareness through PR is a solid strategy.

Warm Up to Cold Sales:

Cold selling remains a viable approach when executed strategically. Your inclusion of tools like Overloop makes the tactic more accessible.

Diversify Spend with Offline Ads:

Exploring offline advertising is a unique recommendation. Your advice to experiment, track results, and optimize is practical.

Uncover Opportunity with Twitter Search:

Your suggestion of using Twitter’s search features is actionable and can help agencies find prospects seeking assistance.

Tap Into Social Capital:

Influencer partnerships are powerful for exposure. Your tools and tips for identifying and connecting with influencers are valuable.

Flex Your Creativity with a Publicity Stunt:

Using publicity stunts for exposure and branding is a bold strategy. Your example of Viceroy Creative’s campaign showcases the effectiveness of such tactics.

Consider an Unconference

Becoming a speaker at meetups and conferences is a solid way to showcase expertise and expand the agency’s network.

Your article provides comprehensive guidance to marketing agencies on expanding their business even in challenging times. It’s well-structured and covers many strategies, making it a valuable resource for agency growth. Incorporating real-world examples or case studies could further enhance the relatability and practicality of the content.

Post On September 29, 2023 | By Geneva Obrien

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