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Hire the Best Digital Marketing Company to Boost Sales this Black Friday

Hire the Best Digital Marketing Company to Boost Sales this Black Friday

Amidst pandemic and lockdown during 2020, one thing that never went down is the festive spirit and the enthusiasm of shopping. Black Friday sales continue to be the much-awaited time by the shoppers as well as for the sellers to increase their sales through online platforms. And nothing beats the efforts of digital marketing campaigns and posts to provide enchanting success in boosting the sales of various online and offline sellers. Thus, it is recommended to carefully consider hiring only the best Digital Marketing Company to reap the rewards and attain competitive advantage. Here, we are discussing how the digital marketing efforts by the expert company can drive better leads and generate sales this Black Friday 2020.

What makes Black Friday an important day prior to the festive season?

Black Friday marks the beginning of the festive season as well as the to signify that the Christmas is just around the corner.  As such, the customers and the shopaholics find Black Friday to be their favourite time of the year when they can indulge in shopping for themselves, family members and friends. Whether it is online sales or high-end fashion store, its raining discounts on Black Friday Sales. This year Black Friday falls on Friday, 27th November 2020  and goes throughout the weekend till Cyber Monday. Therefore, the time is ripe to hire a reputed Digital Marketing company to target the right audience and generate leads.

Can optimizing PPC campaigns generate higher Black Friday Sales in 2020?

You can expect positive results by optimizing the ads that are running including Google Ads for your business. Remember, in this cut-throat competition, your competitors are also running their ads online to invite all the traffic and convert leads into customers. The seasonal campaigns have proved to be successful in providing a lift in sales and customers. Are you still thinking about whether to avail the services of Digital Marketing company or not then understand the benefits that you can get from PPC campaigns

Here are some tips to help you while optimizing your PPC campaigns:

  • Pay Per Click campaigns are highly recommended as an extension to your Google Ads for boosting brand presence and brand marketing this Black Friday.  It is bound to get noticed in the eyes of the visitors and you stand a chance to invite the visitor to your website. Besides, it is suggested that you provide eye-catching and appealing lines such as ‘’20% sales this Black Friday’’, ‘’Enjoy 25% off’’ etc.

  • Create alluring and simple ads to run for your business in Black Friday 2020 campaigns. It is better to create separate ads for your promotional campaigns exclusively for Black Friday sales apart from the existing ads that you are running on various platforms.

  • Besides, label the new ads only for Black Friday deals and for some days choose to pause/ stop previously running ads as of now.  This way you can focus better on the Black Friday sales marketing campaigns only. Once the sale is over, you can resume with your previous ad campaigns.

  • Include percentages and prices in the headings or banners pertaining to the products and services you are selling, as it appears catchy and invites more clicks. As a result, your rate of clicking will increase along with the rate of conversions.

  • Adding Price extensions will increase your Black Friday deals immensely as they tend to showcase business more with the promotional ads and campaigns.

Can Social Media help in boosting Black Friday sales 2020?

Indeed, social media is an effective platform in driving Black Friday sales this year and beyond.  Social media can help you to directly interact with your target audience and furnish information about the current deals and sales of your business. As such, social media is the most effective platform for inducing customers to buy your products.  You stand a better chance to invite attention and engage customers through social media. However, it is suggested that your content should add value, information and appeal to your customers so as to engage them and insist on buying the products.

For using Social Media as a measure to achieve higher sales during Black Friday sales, it would be better if you could update your all your social media accounts and mention about the ongoing Black Friday 2020 sales.   Add images, banners, improve bios, include links to web pages, run banners etc. to display the Black Friday sales. Attractive images and videos play a great role in attracting customers, hence, create lasting impressions with visual effects. For instance, create images or videos marking your brand, products, festive season, Black Friday sales etc. that should reflect the upcoming Christmas celebrations and range of products displayed on sale.

Apart from this, ensure that your posts are updated regularly without fail and do not forget to share it on other relevant communities and groups where you feel chances are high to attract the customers. Also, follow other pages where you can share these posts. Moreover, do not forget to check out the pattern of other sellers and the ways they are using social media so that you fair better and stand out of the crowd. 

SEO is the right approach to market Black Friday sales.

Search Engine Optimization is necessary for every business and it can be advantageous for enhancing Black Friday sales as well.  It is apparent that customers will be searching for sales this Black Friday and the right keywords search can land them with the top listed web pages on the SERPs. Therefore, if you want to get better ranking in the Google search and want more visitors to see your website, then it is time to use the right tools, content and keywords to be added on your website, and other web pages. For instance, people might search ‘’Black Friday Sales 2020 US’’ and you must have similar words displaying in the right manner on your website and other related linked pages.  

Hence, it is suggested that you must invest a fair amount of time in researching the right keywords that are trending and related to Black Friday sales including the hashtags.  These keywords must be incorporated in the content posted on your webpages in order to optimize the information as well as increase the seasonal sales. For instance, you can add blogs on Black Friday sales using the keywords which are bound to invite the audience. The content must be SEO focused to be fruitful and provide the necessary information to the visitor along with the promotions, discounts, and offers that are ongoing.  

How the best Digital Marketing Company can promote your business and drive Black Friday sales 2020?

With all the information and the advantages you can reap from the digital marketing strategies and campaigns, it is time to understand how digital marketing can perform in a unique way for brand marketing and increasing sales of your business this Black Friday. Here are some methods that are adopted by the reputed digital Marketing company for boosting sales.

  • Getting personal with your customers is the key to interact with them directly. Thus, manage to create personalized ads and content for targeting the right audience at the right location.

  • Understanding your audience, their needs and what are they seeking is relevant. Only if you know what they want, then only, you can suitable ideas to induce them to buy your goods.

  • Generate urgency in a manner that you make your customers know that the time is running high or short and the sale is going to vanish soon. Include words such as ‘’sale is ending soon’’, ‘’last 2 days only’, ‘’sale till stock-lasts midnight’’ etc. This will give the impression that the sale is for a limited period and the customer should not miss a chance to buy the products.

  • Be creative and focus on the out of the box approach to attract customers. While Black Friday Sales will be visible everywhere online as well as offline, therefore, you need to stand out from the crowd. Create your campaigns that are creative and better than the others.

  • Make your products accessible not only through websites but also through mobile apps. As most of the people prefer to use mobile phones for shopping instead of checking out the websites on laptops and desktops, therefore, creating mobile applications will be a better idea and you can also send regular notifications via WhatsApp, SMS, etc. to the audience.

  • Cyber Monday will be the last day of the sale and you must highlight this day as well to boost the sales. Besides promoting ‘’Black Friday’’ also add ‘’Cyber Monday’’ in your content, ads, banners, social media etc. on the last or second last day of the sale.

The above digital marketing activities may appear to be a time consuming yet fruitful exercise for the businesses. However, not every business organization is equipped with professionals who can plan the right strategies for Black Friday Sales. Thus, for any help in increasing your sales and digital marketing campaigns, it is better to hire a digital marketing company of repute that can handle all your campaigns, brand marketing and digital promotions while you can enjoy the rise in sales this festive season and beyond.


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