Yellow Heart on Snapchat

Have you ever noticed those mysterious emojis popping up next to your friends’ names on Snapchat? Unlike your grandpa’s thumbs-up after every Facebook post, these emojis hold a secret meaning. They reveal the strength of your Snapchat bonds. Forget fortune cookies; Snapchat is the new decoder ring in your Social Circle

The most coveted symbol is the radiant yellow heart. This isn’t just an emoji; it’s a digital trophy. It means you and your bestie have become Snapchat royalty – #1 best friends in each other’s eyes. This blog will equip you with all you need to know about the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat. 

What Exactly is the Yellow Heart on Snapchat?

Yellow Heart on Snapchat

Earning a yellow heart next to someone’s name means you’ve been each other’s #1 best friend on Snapchat for two whole weeks. If this BFF status keeps going strong, the yellow heart on Snapchat will transform into a red one.

But what exactly is the yellow heart emoji? It’s a special badge awarded by Snapchat to recognize your close friendship with another user. It signifies that you and this person consistently send the most snaps to each other, surpassing all your other Snapchat connections. Essentially, it’s a symbol of your strong and frequent communication on the platform.

While the yellow heart is a Great Achievement, it’s important to remember that these emojis are dynamic. If you start snapping someone else more than your current yellow heart friend, the emoji can change. So, keep snapping your best friend to maintain your BFF status. 

How to Get the Yellow Heart on Snapchat?

Yellow Heart on Snapchat

Forget diamonds, the real sign of love these days, especially for Gen Z, is the yellow heart on Snapchat. It shows that you and your bestie are snapping more than Kim Kardashian takes selfies. But hold on, it’s not just about sending any old snap. Here’s the secret sauce for Snapchat BFF status:

  • Snap Happy, Not Chatty: Snapchat rewards snaps (photos and videos) over chats. These snaps are essentially little digital tokens that say, “Hey, I’m thinking of you.” They’re more engaging and keep the conversation interesting as well as flowing. You can even create different filters and lenses for these snaps. 
  • Quality over Quantity (but Consistency is King): Don’t bombard your friend with blurry bathroom mirror selfies. Send interesting snaps that capture your day, funny moments, or inside jokes. A thoughtful snap is worth a dozen generic ones.
  • The Art of the Daily Snap: Try to aim for a regular snapping routine. It doesn’t really need to be hourly, but consistent snaps show you’re making an effort to stay connected, even if it’s just a quick “good morning” or “funny cat I saw” snap.
  • Think Strategically: Group snaps can be a sneaky way to get in extra snaps with your bestie, especially if they’re the only other person in the group (sly move).

Why Does the Yellow Heart on Snapchat Matter?

Yellow Heart on Snapchat Matter

The yellow heart on Snapchat isn’t just a pretty emoji; it’s a badge of honor, a Digital Handshake that screams, “We’re the best of friends.” But why is this bright little symbol so significant?

  • The BFF Benchmark: Earning the yellow heart means you and your friend have reached Snapchat BFF status. It signifies a deep connection built on consistent snaps, shared experiences, and maybe even a few embarrassing (but hilarious) moments captured for eternity (or at least 24 hours).
  • More Than Likes and Comments: Unlike other social media platforms where likes and comments reign supreme, Snapchat elevates the power of the disappearing snap. The yellow heart acknowledges the back-and-forth conversation, the inside jokes embedded in fleeting snaps, and the daily connection that goes beyond a double tap.


What is the Meaning of Some Other Emojis on Snapchat?

The yellow heart on Snapchat is an emoji that signifies friendship. However, this is not all. Snapchat offers a mix and match of a number of emojis with different meanings that symbolize the kind of relationship you share with the people you have added. The following tables will break these down for you: 

1. Heart Emojis

Here are the different heart emojis that you might frequently see against some names on your Snapchat:

Emoji Meaning Significance
Yellow Heart #1 Best Friends (Current) You and this friend send the most snaps to each other compared to anyone else on your lists.
Red Heart #1 Best Friends (Streak) You’ve maintained #1 best friend status with this person for two weeks straight.
Two Pink Hearts #1 Best Friends (Long Streak) You’ve been each other’s #1 best friend for two months straight! Major best friend goals. 

2. Face Emojis

A lot of people use face emojis while texting. Snapchat also uses them to explain the kind of snap relationship you have with your friends:

Emoji Meaning Significance
Smiling Face Best Friends You are considered one of each other’s best friends on Snapchat, but not necessarily #1.
Sunglasses Face Mutual Best Friends This person considers one of your best friends to also be one of their best friends.
Grimacing Face Awkward Best Friends Your #1 best friend is also the #1 best friend of this person. There might be some competition for snaps. 

3. Other Emojis

This is not all; Snapchat also uses some other emojis to make things interesting. Here is a list of them:

Emoji Meaning Significance
Fire Snapstreak You and this friend have snapped each other for at least three consecutive days. Keep the streak alive. 
100 Emoji 100 Day Snapstreak You and this friend have snapped each other for a whopping 100 days in a row. 
Hourglass Snapstreak Ending Soon Your Snapstreak with this friend is about to end! Send a snap to keep it going.
Zodiac Emojis (Purple) Astrological Sign This emoji represents the recipient’s zodiac sign.

The Final Snap

The journey to the BFF status is made up of regular snaps, witty captions, and maybe a few goofy selfies. Now get out there, snap happy, and watch those emojis blossom into a testament to your digital friendships

If the yellow heart on Snapchat seems a bit out of reach, then don’t worry. A smiley face emoji still signifies a Snapchat squad member worth cherishing. After all, friendship isn’t a competition. To get to know more about such interesting things, head to the Foreignerds blog.


1. My yellow heart on Snapchat disappeared. How do I get it back?

Losing the yellow heart just means you need to rekindle the snapping flame with your bestie. It’s like restarting a video game level. Focus on sending them regular snaps and keep the conversation flowing.

2. Why does my friend have a different emoji for me than I have for them?

Emojis represent the strength of your connection from your perspective. So, while you might see a smiley face for a friend, they might see a yellow heart for you. 

3. What’s the difference between a yellow heart and a red heart on Snapchat?

The yellow heart means you’re currently each other’s #1 best friend. If you keep being each other’s besties for two more weeks, then this yellow emoji on Snapchat changes to red. 

4. What if I accidentally sent a snap to the wrong person?

You can try deleting the snap immediately by holding down on the snap you sent and selecting “Delete.”However, if the recipient has already opened the snap, you’re unfortunately out of luck. 

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