Innovation is impacting every part of our lives, with smartphones making the world available from consumer pockets with a simple click, swipe, or voice command. And now Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo, teamed up with Siri and Alexa, are providing direct access to information without the need to reach for a device. Consumers today engage with content in ways that were unheard of even a decade ago. With the majority of the population using some sort of artificial intelligence device in their home, such as Siri or Alexa, marketers are challenged with reshaping their strategies in order to effectively engage with consumers. But with this challenge comes a great opportunity for brands to enhance their strategies. Try using the best digital marketing services in the USA.

An Introduction

Voice-control products are taking off. According to the latest research findings, 21% of people now own a smart speaker or home assistant. Given that the first smart speaker (the Amazon Echo) was only launched in 2014, this indicates that the voice-activated smart device revolution is just getting started. And while these devices become ubiquitous, smartphones are still the central place where consumers store everything, make mobile payments, shop online, and more. The momentary panic when you think you’ve lost your device is gut-wrenching because of the heavy dependence on them to function even in the most basic sense. And it’s evolving at an exponential rate. The top marketing and advertising companies embrace the challenges presented by the audio world today. Businesses have to rely on these experts to engage with their consumers in the ever-changing world of technology. Working with a partner that can adapt on the fly and still create effective strategies is important and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Creativity is critical today, so the best digital marketing company chooses its advertising partner wisely.

Voice Assistants Boost Web Traffic

Google Assistant will now tell users they can open the Google Home app to see more at the end of a verbal answer. This way businesses will be able to raise brand awareness through the initial answer. Google is now directing users to head to the app and navigate to your website to read more. As time goes on, this will become more and more common with more users navigating to websites meaning you’ll get more traffic coming through to your site from voice assistants. It’s also worth noting that these users have fairly high intent.

Better Content and Better Stories

As voice search has yielded longer queries with more natural language, voice assistants are changing the way marketers tell stories. For brands to get their message across they need to think about their customer experience, both in how their audience engages with content, but also the ways in which their products can integrate with AI from a technological standpoint, voice assistants are driving diversity and variety in marketing. In order to keep up, marketers need to revise their communication production process to make sure they can deliver a variety of content across a broader range of channels.

Driving new Forms of Advertising

Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri have prompted advertisers to think about how they can capitalize in new ways. These voice assistants are considered to be the true first interactive tool in the home that provides brands with the capability to dynamically offer up ads in the future that could be user-controlled. Many digital marketing services in the USA have now started using dynamic tools to cope with the competition.

Enhancing Personalization

Voice assistants also offer the potential for far more personalization for individual consumers. The specificity of a voice search helps give details about a user’s context, which yields a more personalized result.

Yielding more Insights.

The ability to distinguish voices and manage account profiles also means marketers will have more insights into multiple users in a single household who make different purchase decisions, and have different brand preferences, wish lists, music playlists, and other personalized characteristics.

Why Choose Us

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