How Fintech Company Works?
How Fintech Company Works?

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, consumer demands for personalized experiences, interactive websites, and enhanced network connectivity continue to rise. To meet these demands, companies and organizations seek a Content Management System (CMS) that can adapt to rapidly developing technology. Drupal CMS has been at the forefront of helping enterprises create, grow, and thrive online. However, as Drupal 7 reaches the end of its life, the question arises: Is Drupal still the leading CMS in 2022?

What Sets Drupal Apart from Other CMSs?

High Extensibility

Drupal’s high extensibility sets it apart from other CMS platforms. With APIs and a module-driven infrastructure, developers can enhance website functionality to meet users’ evolving needs. The availability of “contrib modules” further enables the implementation of advanced features.

Maximizing Extensibility through APIs

Drupal enables the integration of web services through APIs, supporting communication with mobile applications on Android and iOS. This results in faster page rendering and improved caching protocols for administrators. Additionally, Drupal allows dynamic website language adjustments based on user locations.

How is Drupal Set to Lead in 2022?

Upgrading to Drupal 9

Launched in 2001, Drupal has evolved to its 9th version, released on June 3, 2021. Upgrading to a new Drupal version involves an entirely new code base, leading websites on older versions to rebuild and adapt. Despite the cost and effort, Drupal boasts a massive active developer community and powers around 2.3% of all internet websites.

Improving the Web Experience Management System

Drupal’s flexibility allows organizations to integrate third-party tools, acting as a web experience management system. This integration includes inbound marketing platforms and CRM software, enhancing automation and customer relationship management.

Building a Personalized and User-Oriented Experience Online

Drupal 9 empowers enterprises to create user-centric online experiences. Personalization modules enable customization, guiding users to relevant content and increasing the likelihood of conversions. Drupal offers various built-in modules to cater to diverse customer needs.

Establishing a Secured and Fool-Proof Infrastructure

Security is paramount for content management systems. Drupal’s focus on security has earned it users like the White House, Commodity Futures Trading, and National Institutes of Standards and Technology. While some prefer proprietary platforms, Drupal’s open-source nature offers robust security.

Incorporating Effective SEO Framework

Drupal supports effective SEO with semantic structure and configurable options. Modules like Metatag automate the addition of Meta tags to content, while providing control over how content appears on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Enhancing Scalability with Content Moderation and Configuration

Drupal’s scalability ensures websites can grow seamlessly. Its flexible API structure enables real-time management of extensive data without downtime or availability issues. Content moderation and configuration management streamline content review and approval processes.

Drupal in 2022: Launch of Drupal 10

Drupal remains at the forefront of CMS innovation. While Drupal 7 becomes obsolete, Drupal 9 offers a foundation for website infrastructure improvement. Drupal 10, set to launch in 2022, builds upon Drupal 9, introducing the Olivero front-end theme as the default in Drupal’s core. The forthcoming version aims to incorporate JavaScript elements and automated updates to create a tailored digital experience.


In 2022, Drupal continues to be a reliable, efficient, and secure CMS option for websites. Its adaptability, scalability, and focus on user experience make it suitable for a wide range of businesses, from startups to global organizations. Whether building a new website or transitioning from an existing CMS, Drupal remains a strong contender in the evolving digital landscape. For those lacking an in-house development team, certified Drupal development services companies offer the expertise needed to harness the power of Drupal. As we look ahead to Drupal 10, the CMS is poised to stay at the forefront of innovation and digital excellence.

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