The Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2023


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, programming languages play a pivotal role. They are the building blocks upon which software applications, websites, and systems are constructed. In 2023, with a plethora of programming languages available, it’s crucial to identify the most sought-after ones in the job market. To succeed in the competitive field of software development, it’s imperative to align your skills with the demands of the industry. In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll delve into the top programming languages that employers are seeking, based on data collected from over 14 million developer job listings between January 2022 and May 2023.

JavaScript and TypeScript: Leading the Pack

JavaScript and TypeScript logos

JavaScript, born to make websites dynamic, has witnessed an unstoppable surge in popularity. Currently, it stands as the most demanded programming language in the industry. TypeScript, a JavaScript superset that adds type safety, has only bolstered this trend. Many modern JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular and NestJS, are now predominantly written in TypeScript.

  • Jobs Found: 915,000 (~29%)
  • Keywords: javascript, typescript, react, angular, vue, node
Python: The Versatile Contender

Python logo

Python has quietly secured its position as the second most demanded programming language in 2023. Its versatility, from scripting to server operations and data analysis, has been a key driver behind its popularity. Python boasts a large and vibrant community.

  • Jobs Found: 603,000 (~20%)
  • Keywords: python, django, flask
Java: The Timeless Classic

Java logo

Java, despite facing competition from newer languages like Kotlin, retains its stronghold as the third most demanded programming language. The widespread use of frameworks like Spring in top-tier companies contributes to its enduring appeal.

  • Jobs Found: 546,000 (~17%)
  • Keywords: java, spring
C#: The .NET Powerhouse

C# logo

Securing the fourth position is C#, a versatile, object-oriented language designed to address the shortcomings of C++. C# is commonly associated with the .NET framework and finds extensive use in the Unity game framework.

  • Jobs Found: 375,000 (~12%)
  • Keywords: c#, .net
PHP: The Web Development Pioneer

PHP logo

PHP, which started as a humble “Personal Home Page Tool” 27 years ago, has transformed into the fifth most demanded programming language in 2023. It accounts for a significant 10% of the total demand for developer job offers, primarily in web development, often in conjunction with frameworks like Laravel or WordPress.

  • Jobs Found: 288,000 (~9%)
  • Keywords: php, laravel, wordpress
C/C++: Enduring Legacy

C/C++ programming language logo

C and C++, with a history spanning half a century, continue to maintain their popularity. These languages offer a broad spectrum of capabilities, from low-level memory manipulation to applications in video games, servers, databases, and even space probes.

  • Jobs Found: 280,000 (~9%)
  • Keywords: c, c++
Ruby: Powering the Web

Ruby language logo

Ruby secures the seventh spot with 134,000 jobs found, constituting approximately 4% of the total job demand. Ruby’s most prominent usage is in conjunction with the web framework Ruby on Rails, powering tech giants like Twitter, Crunchbase, and GitHub.

  • Jobs Found: 134,000 (~4%)
  • Keywords: ruby, ruby on rails
GO: Google’s Newcomer

Go language logo

Go, a relatively young language created by Google, has steadily gained ground in the programming landscape. Its stability is evident, with a consistent 2% demand throughout 2023. Companies like Uber and Twitch are embracing Go for their development needs.

  • Jobs Found: 58,000 (~2%)
  • Keywords: go

A Closer Look: Full List of Most Demanded Programming Languages in 2023

Chart displaying the complete list of the most demanded programming languages in 2023.

Month-wise Trends: Top 8 Most Demanded Programming Languages in 2023

Chart illustrating the month-wise trends for the top 8 most demanded programming languages in 2023.

How was this Study Conducted?

This study aimed to categorize “dev jobs” based on their programming language requirements accurately. To achieve this, job titles were the primary criteria for categorization. Only jobs explicitly specifying a programming language were included. For instance, a job titled “React Developer” was categorized under JavaScript/TypeScript, while a generic title like “Backend Developer” without language specifications was excluded.

It’s important to note that one job offer could be associated with multiple languages. For example, a job titled “Full Stack Developer (Django/Angular)” contributes to both Python and JavaScript/TypeScript statistics.

In Summary

JavaScript and TypeScript are undeniably dominating the developer job market, accounting for approximately 29% of job offers that explicitly require a programming language. Python and Java follow closely behind, demonstrating robust demand. Java’s resurgence in some months suggests it’s not to be dismissed as an obsolete language.

C#, PHP, Ruby, and Go continue to exhibit consistent job demand, making them reliable choices for aspiring developers.

However, C/C++ has seen a decline in 2023 after experiencing an increase in demand in the previous year.

In this dynamic tech landscape, staying updated on the most in-demand programming languages is pivotal for career success. Tailoring your skills to align with industry demands can open doors to exciting opportunities in the world of software development.

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