The Comprehensive React Developer Salary Guide for 2023
The Comprehensive React Developer Salary Guide for 2023

The Comprehensive React Developer Salary Guide for 2023


In 2022, React JS emerged as the reigning champion among web frameworks, with a staggering 40.41% of global software developers choosing it for their web application development needs. The likes of Uber and Netflix have already harnessed its power, and as a React developer or an aspiring one, knowing the salary landscape in the US for 2023 is essential for successful negotiations with potential employers. In this guide, we’ll delve into what a React developer does, the reasons for the high demand, factors affecting salaries, and the salary breakdown across various platforms. We’ll also equip you with negotiation strategies and insights into the job outlook for React developers in 2023.

What is a React Developer?

A React developer is a skilled professional who crafts consumer-facing features for websites and applications using React JS or React Native frameworks. React JS, a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library, empowers developers to create intricate user interfaces by breaking them into small, reusable components. Conversely, React Native specializes in writing natively-rendered mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The High Demand for React Developers

React JS’s popularity skyrocketed because it enables companies to build scalable and maintainable systems, which fuels the demand for React developers. Leading IT giants rely on React, making it a pivotal framework in the industry.

Factors Influencing React Developer Salaries

Location is a primary salary influencer, but experience and skillset play significant roles too. Seniority commands higher salaries, and a comprehensive skillset, including state management, system architecture, design principles, and UX, is highly rewarding. Company size can impact salaries, but exceptions exist. Established companies may pay less than startups with high potential for growth.

The Average React Developer Salary in the US We’ve compiled salary data from various sources:

  • ZipRecruiter: Junior ($93,000), Mid-Level ($111,373), Senior ($129,500)
  • PayScale: Junior ($52,000), Mid-Level ($80,000), Senior ($121,000)
  • Glassdoor: Junior ($64,000), Mid-Level ($110,535), Senior ($150,000)
  • Indeed (Front End Developer): Average ($91,056), Top Cities ($99,597 to $108,049)

Here’s a simplified table based on experience (in years):

Years of Experience | ZipRecruiter | PayScale | Glassdoor | Indeed 0-1 | $87,500 | $55,000 | $77,615 | $95,290 1-3 | $110,278 | $83,000 | $81,765 | $100,329 4-6 | $133,500 | $127,000 | $93,932 | –

Navigating Interviews and Salary Negotiations Salary discussions can be challenging, but preparation is key:

  • Determine your salary expectations and lower limit.
  • Plan your response to a low offer.
  • Consider your course of action if negotiations fail.

When negotiating, maintain a collaborative tone, emphasize your value, and showcase your past and future contributions.

React Developer Job Outlook for 2023 Between 2020 and 2030, React Developer job opportunities are predicted to surge by 667,600. Professions related to React development, such as Software Developers and Quality Assurance Analysts, are expected to grow by 22%, exceeding the industry average.


React’s dominance remains unchallenged, with its popularity continuing to rise. This framework’s widespread adoption translates into a surging demand for skilled React developers and competitive salaries. As you venture into the world of React development, keep an eye on industry trends, hone your skills, and be prepared to negotiate for the compensation you rightfully deserve. React is not just a library; it’s a pathway to a thriving career in web development.

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