React JS Developer Salary Comparison in Different Countries
React JS Developer Salary Comparison in Different Countries

React JS Developer Salary Comparison in Different Countries


React JS, developed by Facebook in 2013, has become one of the most popular programming languages, used by over 40.58% of professionals for app and software development. This open-source JavaScript framework offers faster coding, saving both time and money. Its primary goal is to create user-friendly interfaces, enhancing the user experience and retaining customers. Renowned companies like Uber and Netflix rely on React for its versatility, stability, scalability, and SEO compatibility.

In this article, we delve into the salaries of React JS developers at different expertise levels and locations, exploring the benefits of hiring them, and offering insights into staffing options.

Salary by Expertise

ReactJS Developer Cost by Level of Expertise

Hiring React developers can be a significant expense. Understanding the salary differences based on expertise is crucial:

  • Junior Engineer: $7,920 USD per month
  • Mid-Level Engineer: $9,504 USD per month
  • Senior Engineer: $12,496 USD per month

Salary by Location

ReactJS Developer Salary by Location

Considering location can greatly affect React developer salaries. Here are annual salary comparisons in USD across different countries:

  • USA: $101,399.00 USD
  • UK: $77,000.52 USD
  • Switzerland: $127,693.20 USD
  • Germany: $55,401.53 USD
  • Denmark: $42,914.32 USD
  • Netherlands: $44,884.40 USD
  • Japan: $41,009.25 USD
  • Ukraine: $21,600.00 USD

Notably, Ukraine offers the most competitive React engineer salaries. Keep in mind that these figures represent average salaries and may vary with experience and skill level.

Benefits of Hiring a ReactJS Developer

Incorporating ReactJS into your development projects brings several advantages:

Enhanced User Experience

ReactJS developers excel at creating seamless user interfaces. Their component-based approach ensures consistent, modular, and reusable UI elements, enhancing user satisfaction.

Improved Performance

ReactJS prioritizes performance with its Virtual DOM mechanism, resulting in faster rendering and smoother interactions, even for complex web applications.

Code Maintainability and Reusability

ReactJS’ component-based architecture promotes code cleanliness, reduces redundancy, and simplifies maintenance, making updates and enhancements easier.

Active and Supportive Community

A vast community of developers contributes to ReactJS, providing access to knowledge, open-source libraries, and best practices.

React.js Developer CV Sample

To hire the right ReactJS developer, consider their skills and experience. Here’s a sample CV for a ReactJS developer:

Staffing Options

When seeking ReactJS developer talent, consider your project goals and budget. Mobilunity offers various staffing options:

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team of Ukrainian developers commits to your project, with a fixed monthly fee covering salaries, providing cost predictability.

Part-time Consultancy

For smaller projects or businesses new to software development, Mobilunity offers part-time developers at an hourly rate, ensuring expert work quality without permanent employment commitments.

Pure Recruitment Service

If you prefer to manage your employees, Mobilunity can recruit a developer for you, charging only a percentage of the developer’s salary.

Why Choose Ukraine for React Development

Ukraine is a top outsourcing destination with a substantial tech workforce, a high number of STEM graduates, a thriving tech community, a favorable business environment, and cultural affinity towards Western values. Many international companies, such as IBM, Trip Advisor, and Cisco, outsource their projects to Ukraine for reasons like cost reduction, flexibility, quick recruitment, and access to skilled remote experts.

Advantages of Hiring ReactJS Developers with Mobilunity

Mobilunity offers several advantages for offshore development:

  • Cost Reduction: Access high-quality Ukrainian developers at lower rates compared to global standards.
  • HR and Admin Support: Mobilunity handles HR-related tasks and paperwork, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Quality of Work: Skilled Ukrainian developers undergo thorough due diligence checks.
  • Effective Communication: Fluent English-speaking customer service ensures smooth project communication.
  • Flexible Working Hours: Developers can adjust their working hours to suit your project requirements.
  • Scalability: Easily scale up or down without the challenges of layoffs.
  • Speedy Recruitment: Mobilunity’s recruitment process saves time and resources.


Hiring a React JS developer is a wise choice for software development projects. However, navigating the hiring process and understanding salary expectations can be daunting. Partnering with an expert outsourcing partner like Mobilunity simplifies the process, offering access to top talent and ensuring the success of your next project.

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