Exploring Resilient eCommerce Solutions with JAMStack and Microsoft Azure


In a previous discussion, we delved into the concept of constructing a robust eCommerce solution grounded in JAMStack principles and a cloud-native approach. Building upon that discourse, we recently unveiled the reference eCommerce architecture utilized at Divante. Given the surging interest in this topic, we’ve decided to take a more comprehensive approach, shedding light on various specific facets. This article aims to explore the synergy of JAMStack and Microsoft Azure for eCommerce, focusing on Azure’s versatile features that empower highly scalable and resilient solutions.

Cloud-Native eCommerce on Microsoft Azure

Cloud-native solutions have revolutionized eCommerce by liberating developers from mundane operational tasks, allowing them to focus on feature development. Microsoft Azure, with its seamless integration and orchestration with GitHub Actions, presents an ideal platform for deploying resilient eCommerce systems.

The Microsoft Ecosystem in eCommerce

While Windows OS and Office are synonymous with Microsoft, the company’s dominance extends into the realm of sales support systems like Microsoft Dynamics. Azure’s full support for these systems makes it a natural progression for companies seeking digital transformation. Mirka.se, a B2B enterprise specializing in sandpaper manufacturing, illustrates the real-world implementation of Azure’s cloud services, incorporating IoT and messaging queues.

Azure’s Role in Resilient eCommerce

This section will expound upon the key facets outlined in the original article and demonstrate how Azure’s features can be harnessed to create highly scalable and resilient eCommerce solutions.

Exploring SAP CX on Azure

Before diving into the specifics of creating a custom eCommerce solution with Azure and open-source frameworks, it’s essential to mention SAP CX. This offering, fully based on Microsoft Azure and compatible with the Spartacus frontend, aligns seamlessly with the cloud-native headless architecture. With numerous customers deploying Spartacus to production monthly, it emerges as a swift and efficient method for establishing large-scale eCommerce on Azure.

Empowering Frontend with JAMStack

Microsoft offers an array of tools and services that empower JAMstack developers to build highly performant frontends. Let’s begin with Azure’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is natively supported by industry leaders such as Akamai and Verizon. Azure’s approach emphasizes collaboration and support for industry standards like Ubuntu, GitHub, and Kubernetes, eschewing proprietary solutions.

Dynamic Site Acceleration and Beyond

Azure’s Dynamic Site Acceleration feature allows developers to enhance existing applications with minimal code adjustments. This feature offers benefits like accelerated TCP connections and BGP routing. Moreover, it provides powerful APIs and HTTP-header-driven control over routing, cache invalidation, and content purging.

Static Web Apps for Seamless Deployment

Azure’s Static Web Apps service, akin to platforms like Vercel and Netlify, simplifies the deployment of static applications generated from engines such as Next and Gatsby. This service streamlines the process, making it efficient and developer-friendly.

Choosing the Right Content Engine

Selecting the right content engine is crucial for an efficient eCommerce solution. Vue Storefront is one such option, known for its robust SSR Cache support. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft CDNs, allowing dynamic cache purging. This approach optimizes content caching, ensuring that updates are promptly reflected in the frontend.


In this comprehensive exploration of resilient eCommerce solutions, we’ve uncovered the symbiotic relationship between JAMStack principles and Microsoft Azure. By harnessing Azure’s cloud-native capabilities, robust tools, and services, businesses can create eCommerce solutions that are not only highly scalable but also resilient in the face of evolving market demands. As we continue to witness the digital transformation of commerce, Azure’s integration and support for open-source frameworks like Spartacus and Vue Storefront offer a promising path forward. With Azure’s cloud offerings, your eCommerce endeavors can thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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