How Much Does It Cost to Build an MVP?
How Much Does It Cost to Build an MVP?

Unveiling Vue.js 2.0: A Comprehensive Exploration


The Vue.js 2.0 release, dating back to 2016, has garnered mixed reactions from technology company owners and JavaScript developers. Despite its positive reviews, some remain hesitant to incorporate it into their projects. In this article, we delve into the key aspects of Vue.js, shedding light on its features, applications, notable projects, and a comparative analysis with other popular frameworks.

Vue.js Framework Unveiled

Vue.js is a JavaScript library designed for crafting web interfaces utilizing the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) template. Operating solely at the presentation level, Vue seamlessly integrates with various projects and libraries, making it a preferred choice for creating robust single-page web applications.

Key Functions of Vue.js

Vue.js boasts a myriad of functions, including:

  1. Jet Interfaces
  2. Declarative Rendering
  3. Linking Data
  4. Directives
  5. Logic Templates
  6. Components
  7. Event Handling
  8. Properties
  9. CSS Transitions and Animations
  10. Filters

The small size of Vue’s main JavaScript library (17 KB) ensures minimal project load, contributing to swift website performance.

Vue.js Applications

Vue is well-suited for both small and large projects, earning its title as a progressive framework. Its adaptability allows for tasks ranging from simple reactivity additions to handling complex single-page applications. Vue proves effective in scenarios involving user data entry, authorization, form submission using AJAX, and more. Notably, it excels in constructing dynamic interfaces adaptable to user preferences.

Vue.js Examples: Showcasing Best Projects

Let’s explore notable projects that leverage Vue.js, shedding light on the challenges faced during development and the achievements attributed to Vue.js.

1., boasting over 19 million users, faced legacy code challenges in PHP and Angular 1. Transitioning to Vue.js facilitated collaboration with remote teams and expedited the creation of new functionality, showcasing Vue’s simplicity and speed.

2. Codeship

Codeship, a cloud-based continuous integration platform, transitioned from jQuery to Vue to address user complaints of freezes and crashes. Vue’s contribution to organizing code and enhancing the user interface stands as a testament to its reliability.

3. Livestorm

Livestorm, a webinar creation web application, exemplifies a Vue.js application developed from scratch. Vue’s reusable components streamlined the development process, providing speed and simplicity.

Vue.js in Comparison with Angular and React

A comparative analysis between Vue.js, Angular, and React offers insights into their distinctive features, use cases, and performance metrics.


All three frameworks rely on components, with React and Vue excelling in handling stateless functions known as “mute components.” Vue JS components, while not stringent on naming conventions, align with W3C rules for custom components.

Framework vs. Library

Angular stands as a comprehensive framework, providing clear instructions for app structure and boasting extensive functionality. In contrast, React and Vue are versatile libraries, allowing integration with various packages and tools.


React and Vue offer simplicity by adding the JavaScript library to the source code, providing greater control over application size. Angular, designed for complex tasks, is more suited to single-page application development.

Performance and File Size

Angular’s extensive functionality results in a larger framework size (143 KB) compared to the more compact Vue (23 KB) and React (43 KB). All three frameworks implement a Virtual DOM to enhance performance, with Vue demonstrating exceptional performance and deep memory allocation.

Conclusion: Embracing Vue.js for Simplicity and Speed

In conclusion, Vue.js stands out for its simplicity and ease of learning, making it an ideal choice for startups and development teams aiming to swiftly create high-performance web applications with easily readable code. The positive reviews, coupled with successful projects like, Codeship, and Livestorm, underscore Vue’s prowess in addressing diverse development needs. As technology continues to evolve, Vue.js remains a compelling option for those seeking a balance between simplicity and robust functionality in their web development endeavors.

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