In 2020, the technical innovations appear to be perpetual, and we’re seeing web designers playing with immersive 3D elements, and luminous color schemes, and experimenting with new techniques. Simultaneously, there are some well-known styles like layers and floating elements, soft shadows, and dark mode, and the list is quite long. Also, we can expect this industry to keep evolving and changing every year. Are you also wondering that what the web design trends will be in 2020?

Here in this blog, we have done all the hard work and prepared a list of website design trends for you that will be popular in 2020:

Top Web Design Trends


Another trend that is returning full power is utilizing patterns as a design component. These are amazingly invigorating and different and they can be part of the foundation or they can be used to separate the pages. This will enable you to create a modern and hot look for your page if you want to do something special.

3D Elements:

3D visuals have always delighted people of every age; what held this trend back was technology and the expensive price tag which was previously expensive. The technology is now in a place where you can design in 3D structure without, providing ways to more and more designers.

No doubt, 3D design attracts users to stay longer. As 2020 unfolds, we are expecting to see more engaging 3D web designs, visually breaking down the gap between picture and reality.

Soft Shadows:

In simple words, soft shadows and floating elements add interest and, in case the depth of design, give your web page a “3D Lite” look. It’s not just graphics either: you can use this effect with text and photos as well. This effect gives a lightweight feel to the designs and seems like elements are floating over each other. It also provides a sharp contrast from the flat design where the layers seem flat.


In 2020, the grids are going to be more prominent and trending. You will see these grids, and they are great for catching the eye of your readers. If you want to make some important points in your content, then this is where you can do it easily.

Dark Mode:

Dark modes are great for OLED screens—saving power and broadening screen life expectancies. Even after all these features, nothing can stop them from looking good dark background improves the visibility of other colors, giving you an utterly dynamic design.

Retro Designs:

Going back to the Retro style is a great way to create modern designs. There are a variety of effects that you can use to give your website a retro feel. For instance, you can add black and white images, noise, dust, and even dull colors to create a vintage-style website design.

Staying ahead of the latest designs and trends helps you stay ahead of your competitors. Our team of website designers has hands-on experience in using these design trends to create a unique design for the website. In case you need more information, contact Foreignerds now!

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