Google Adwords and AdSense

AdWords is an advertising service created by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. It delivers targeted traffic to advertisers’ websites at a cost-per-click basis, enabling advertisers to achieve both strong returns on investment (ROI) and measurable results. The actual amount of money spent per click depends upon the competition for keywords in the search engine result in pages relevant to your offers, as well as your maximum bid per keyword.

AdSense is a service that allows publishers to place a text, image, video, or interactive media advertisement on their website. If a visitor clicks on the ad then Google will share revenue with the publisher from each of these advertisements according to its Adsense program policies.

In order for an advertiser to purchase online advertising through Google, they create ads and determine how much they want to pay per click – called cost-per-click (CPC). When they make the initial payment, this amount goes into an account referred to as ‘the ad account’.

To begin running ads on Google’s search engine and/or one of its many affiliate websites like YouTube, Yahoo!, and AOL you must open up an AdWords account and make a payment via Google’s AdWords website.

Google AdSense works by allowing publishers, to place text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements on their websites. Google will seek out advertisers and place ads on the relevant web pages of the publisher (the owner of the website). The publisher is then paid according to how many viewers click on these advertisements.

Adsense works in that it allows you to collect money for displaying advertisements from other companies based on how much traffic your site can generate and how well-targeted your audience is. This means that if you have content and visitors who are more likely to buy products online than most other sites, you might get compensated significantly more than what you would get at another site with less targeted traffic.

So, AdWords is mainly used by companies to market their products while AdSense allows you to make money from your website without putting in any effort. As for why they are useful, it is because not only can you get paid per click or per impression, both of which are very popular forms of online earnings, but also with the integration of Google Analytics you get statistics for tracking web traffic and conversions.

Why do digital marketing companies use Google Adwords and AdSense?

The beauty of both platforms is that you only pay if visitors actually click on your adverts, so there’s no waste of money displaying adverts to people who aren’t interested in buying your products or services.

There are certain disadvantages to this approach. First of all, Google Adsense does not pay the publisher until the visitor clicks on the ad and visits that site. Therefore, your earnings will depend on how targeted visitors you attract. Secondly, as most websites do not have a large number of daily visitors or page views, even if a small percentage of people click on ads then it is unlikely to make a significant income. Thirdly when other people login into an account and click on ads without having any intention of buying products or services It can also happen as a result of malicious software sending fake clicks or human error.

Google Adwords/Adsense is an advertising platform where ads are created and placed on the internet via Google’s search engine in order to reach out to potential customers in a targeted manner in return for payment depending on the amount of traffic it receives, whether through clicks or impressions.

Why do digital marketing companies use AdWords?

It allows advertisers to customize their ad campaigns based on location, device, demographic profile, time of day, etc. This increases the accuracy of hitting your target audience, which again increases conversion rates by allowing you to get more sales from that particular campaign.

Another advantage is display ads typically have higher click-through rates (CTR) than regular search engine results page ads. Digital marketing companies can use this to their advantage when engaging in PPC campaigns by having the highest-converting creatives on display.

Digital marketing companies also use Adwords for branding purposes, increasing brand awareness and favorability among consumers.

Adsense is an advertisement program created by Google that puts relevant ads online in order to generate revenue. It displays text, images, videos, or interactive media advertisements on the webpage of the publisher (the owner of the website) which are paid per click basis.

The AdSense program has two different modes: cost per click (CPC) mode and cost per mile sense (CPM). In CPC ad only get paid when it converts into a visitor while in CPM way it is paid for every thousand pages viewed on the publisher’s website.

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Now, why AdWords? Why do digital marketing companies use it?

As Google is one of the most used search engines, AdWord allows marketers to reach their target market more effectively. Marketers are able to select keywords or key phrases that are relevant to their business with which they can promote their products and services. It makes it easier for marketers to monitor how well their campaigns are doing. There is an option for keyword bid management with Adword where you can choose your max CPC bids based on competition levels, however, this feature is not available through AdSense which only allows you to set campaign daily budgets rather than per click.

Digital marketing companies use Google Adwords and AdSense because they are powerful tools for generating traffic to their client’s websites. They can also help them increase profit margins by selling targeted ads. By bidding on highly searched-for keywords, companies will improve the chances of their product or service being displayed when potential customers search online.


To conclude, although there are some differences between the two platforms, they both derive from Google’s advertising services where advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their target audience. For publishers, Adsense provides an easy means of generating revenue simply by placing targeted ads on your website. Additionally, this revenue can be compounded since Google Adsense ads appear on affiliate or partner websites as well.

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