Content writing strategies

While writing anything on the internet you need to focus on one thing, your target. Writing about something for everyone will make it less effective as you are too general. Writing about something for everyone makes it not good enough. You can write but targeting a specific audience is always better. The audience will understand you better. The content is written first and then it is shared so, first, you should think about your audience and only after that write.

What are the things which you need to put into consideration before writing a blog post?

Writing articles for any website or company needs research work because without proper research we cannot do good quality articles. Sometimes as writers, we want to write something as soon as possible but as I said before if we don’t have enough information on the topic then no one would like our article. So, conducting research is very important whenever we are writing anything. We also need to check other sources regarding an article just in case there might be some mistake and sometimes there aren’t any sources at all which is also bad.

How can you use keywords in order to get targeted traffic?

It’s very simple, whenever writing an article we need to add a lot of keywords that are related to that article. Keywords increase views and for this reason, visitors will visit your site more often. It also increases the chances of getting ranked high on search engines. Keep doing research about target keyword phrases as well because competition is always tough nowadays so you have to find the best one from a lot through doing a lot of research work. If there won’t enough content then people might not want to visit your site again and Google’s ranking will drop drastically because if no one visits your site it shows how poor you are at maintaining sites so try creating content in bulk for better results.

How much quantity should be there in articles?

This always depends on the topic of your article, for example, if you are writing an article about getting traffic then it needs to be short and concise but if you are writing about the history of social networking sites, well it is important to make it long enough because there is a lot of things which you need to cover. So, this really varies depending on your content/topic. You can also check similar articles that are published by other writers online and try doing research work about their word count (how many words they used in their article). If you find out all these facts then you will surely find your perfect word count easily without any issues.

What are the things which you need to put into consideration before writing a blog post?

Research is very important if we want to do good quality work and not just for blog posts but also for content and SEO. Without research, we cannot cover topics properly and this will be considered as a bad practice by other writers so you can’t afford that. Keep your target audience in your mind while writing an article just try to think about them always. Write what they like not what you like because if there is anything of you then it’s useless for readers they aren’t getting any value from such articles. Don’t do anything which harms your readers otherwise, people will stop visiting your site sooner or later which is obviously bad news for us. Always keep your articles unique and related to the target keyword.

How can you use keywords in order to get targeted traffic?

Using the right keywords is very important, don’t misuse them otherwise, there will be a negative impact on your website. We need to make good content for SEO as well but it doesn’t mean we can sacrifice quality for this purpose. It’s fine if we want some extra views because these two things always go side by side (quality and quantity). Using too many non-relevant keywords won’t give you much benefit but we definitely need to put them into consideration while writing an article. So, it really depends on the topic and what kind of audience would like that particular topic. These days writing about trending topics helps a lot in getting traffic and ranking in search engines because these topics always go viral and people like them a lot. So, that’s why we need to keep an eye on such topics then only we can write articles about them easily with ease.

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