Why Choose Drupal for Your Web Development Needs?
Why Choose Drupal for Your Web Development Needs?

In the vast landscape of content management systems (CMS), Drupal stands out as a trusted choice for a wide array of organizations, from global government agencies to major media companies, international charities, and world-leading universities. At Full Fat Things, we’ve found Drupal to be our go-to platform for building ambitious, high-performing digital experiences. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why Drupal is the ideal choice for creating powerful, interactive applications and websites that truly stand out.

1. Drupal’s Diverse User Base

Drupal’s reputation as a reliable and versatile CMS is reinforced by its adoption by a wide range of organizations. From government agencies to media giants, from charitable organizations to esteemed universities, Drupal has earned the trust of countless entities. This diversity is a testament to Drupal’s adaptability and its ability to cater to a myriad of needs.

2. Uniqueness and Flexibility

One of Drupal’s defining characteristics is its flexibility. When we develop using Drupal, every project becomes a unique creation. Unlike some other CMSs, Drupal doesn’t constrain us with rigid templates or limited customization options. Instead, it empowers us to craft tailored solutions that precisely match our clients’ requirements.

3. Thriving Community

Behind Drupal’s success is a thriving and passionate community of over 1 million individuals. This community continuously contributes to the ecosystem by creating and improving modules and add-ons that extend Drupal’s capabilities. Our developers are deeply embedded in this community, with some boasting over a decade of experience in writing Drupal code.

4. Drupal 9: The Current Standard

Drupal 9 represents the latest evolution of the platform. All our new Drupal development work is centered around Drupal 9, and we strongly recommend migrating from older versions to embrace its benefits fully. Drupal 9 builds upon the innovative foundation laid by Drupal 8, which integrated the Symfony framework, a widely acclaimed PHP library. This decision allowed Drupal to focus on enhancing CMS-driven applications, resulting in a more secure and feature-rich platform.

5. Progressive Innovations

Drupal 9 continues to push the envelope by embracing various systems and extending their capabilities to create best-in-class software. It has introduced innovations like RESTful Web Services, facilitating integration with native mobile apps and web services. Additionally, the browser-based layout builder empowers users to create custom user interface experiences.

6. Enhanced Performance and Scalability

Drupal’s content delivery network (CDN) and caching integration enable us to deliver lightning-fast, personalized websites to users worldwide. Innovative cache tags allow for selective republishing of smaller sections of pages or websites when changes occur, significantly improving content delivery efficiency.

7. Editor Simplicity

Editing content in Drupal 9 is a seamless experience. Editors can make changes and preview content in context, eliminating the need for antiquated desktop editing systems. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and ensures that content appears exactly as end-users will see it.

8. Multilingual Support

Drupal 9 boasts exceptional internationalization features, including browser language detection. Geolocation features can also be incorporated, tailoring content or navigation links to specific countries. This multilingual support has been instrumental in projects for global clients, such as Turner Broadcasting’s EMEA Cartoon Network sites and Cubiks’ globally-focused website.

9. Accessibility

Drupal 9 ships with enhanced accessibility features, aligning with evolving legislation covering public sector websites and mobile apps. Accessibility is not only a legal requirement but also good practice, broadening the potential customer base by making products and services accessible to more people.

10. Headless Publishing

Drupal 9 excels in API-first publishing, often referred to as ‘headless publishing.’ This capability enables web applications, syndication partners, and mobile apps to seamlessly manage and present content programmatically.

11. Enterprise Web Development

For enterprise projects, Drupal’s evolution, particularly its adoption of Symfony and improved development tools, has been a game-changer. It allows for robust platform development with built-in testing, ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership. Automated tests and code quality tools have become invaluable resources, thanks to Drupal’s integration with the shared PHP ecosystem.

12. Drupal as Middleware

Drupal’s integration capabilities extend to serving as middleware for various business applications, from CRM platforms to finance and stock systems. This flexibility enables seamless integration without necessitating substantial changes to existing business flows or dependencies on ERP providers like SAP or Salesforce.

13. Gartner Contender

Drupal’s growth and maturation have positioned it as a contender in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, competing with established players like Sitecore, Adobe, and Episerver. What sets Drupal apart is its open-source nature, providing full control over your organization’s destiny without hidden licensing fees or pricing uncertainties.

14. Drupal 9: Seamless Transition

Upgrading to Drupal 9 is a smoother process compared to previous major releases. Deprecated components are phased out, but this doesn’t necessarily mean loss of functionality. Instead, it signifies the adoption of modern approaches to keep Drupal projects lean and efficient.


In conclusion, Drupal is not merely a CMS; it’s a versatile, forward-looking platform that empowers organizations to create exceptional digital experiences. With its strong community, ongoing innovations, and seamless transition to Drupal 9, it remains a top choice for building robust, high-performance websites and applications. At Full Fat Things, we are committed to harnessing the full potential of Drupal for your web development needs. Contact us today to explore how Drupal can propel your digital presence to new heights.

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