7 Powerful Wix Alternatives for 2023: Unlocking More Potential and Reliability
7 Powerful Wix Alternatives for 2023: Unlocking More Potential and Reliability

Exploring PHP Version Updates: What You Need to Know

In our continuous effort to keep you informed about the latest PHP version developments, we’re here with an update on the PHP version schedule for the first quarter of 2022 Despite the delay, we have some exciting news to share. This blog post will dive into the reasons behind the delay, our successful transition from PHP 7.3 to 7.4, and what to expect in the upcoming months. Let’s get started!

Delayed Communication: The Reasons Behind It

We understand your anticipation for PHP version updates, but there were two significant reasons for the delay in our communication:

WordPress Compatibility with PHP 8.1

Before proceeding with PHP 8.1 as the “Latest” version, we needed to ensure that WordPress Core was fully compatible with it. With the release of WordPress 6.0, we now have the green light to set PHP 8.1 as the latest PHP version.

Pagely and GoDaddy Collaboration

In November 2021, Pagely joined forces with GoDaddy, embarking on a corporate integration journey. This transition required time and effort to align our services. We’ve learned and grown during this period, and we’ve even shared our expertise in running a robust WordPress hosting platform with GoDaddy.

You can read more about the Pagely-GoDaddy collaboration from our co-founder and CEO, Joshua Strebel.

Now that we’ve covered the reasons behind the delay, let’s delve into the crucial updates.

Successful PHP 7.3 Sunset

In the previous year, we smoothly transitioned our entire platform from PHP 7.3 to PHP 7.4. This transition was a significant success, and most of our customers didn’t need to take any action. Our fully managed WordPress experience ensured a seamless process for them.

Behind-the-Scenes Testing

To ensure a smooth transition, we meticulously tested every site using PHP 7.3, then tested them on PHP 7.4 to identify compatibility issues. The majority of sites transitioned seamlessly to PHP 7.4, while a few with compatibility issues remained on PHP 7.3.

Dockerization for Enhanced Flexibility

Our transition to Docker-based PHP-FPM environments provided added flexibility and simplified the testing process for new PHP versions. This approach allowed us to create separate Docker containers for each app, enabling compatibility testing with minimal downtime.

Benefits of Dockerization

  • Reduced compatibility testing time.
  • Elimination of site cloning complexities.
  • Enhanced testing accuracy for multiple PHP versions.

Our commitment to simplifying your hosting experience led us to innovate with fresh solutions to common pain points faced by enterprise WordPress sites.

PHP Version Transition: What Lies Ahead

As PHP 7.4 approaches its End-of-Life (EOL) later this year, we plan to repeat our successful testing approach with PHP 8.0. We’ll test every site set to the “Stable” version preference for compatibility with PHP 8.0 and those on the “Latest” version preference for PHP 8.1 compatibility.

PHP 8 Compatibility Testing and Release Timeline

Starting the week of August 8, 2022, we’ll make the following changes:

  • PHP 7.4 “Sunset” remains as “Sunset” until November 28, 2022 (full EOL).
  • PHP 7.4 “Stable” transitions to PHP 8.0.
  • PHP 8.0 “Latest” transitions to PHP 8.1.

After November 28, 2022, “Sunset” will transition to PHP 8.0. Official notices will be posted on our status page when the transition begins.

Preparing for Upcoming PHP Version Changes

We urge all Pagely customers to log into Atomic and review the PHP version settings for their sites. If you’re currently set to “Sunset,” we recommend updating it to “Stable” to access newer stable versions sooner. This adjustment ensures you have a wider window for fallback to “Sunset” if compatibility issues arise.

PHP Compatibility Check

PHP 8.0 (Upcoming New “Stable” Version)

PHP 8.0, stable since November 2020, offers new features and performance improvements. Most WordPress plugins and WP Core are already compatible with PHP 8.0.

PHP 8.1 (Upcoming New “Latest” Version)

WordPress 6.0 introduced preliminary support for PHP 8.1. We recommend using PHP 8.1 only for sites on WP 6.0, as full compatibility is still in progress for WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

Transition Plan for Locked PHP Versions

If your PHP version is locked to 7.4 or 8.0, we will make changes in November to sites running PHP 7.4, shifting them to 8.0. We advise reviewing your site code to ensure compatibility with 8.0. Additionally, consider disabling version locks and opting for “Stable” or “Latest” preferences for a seamless update experience.

The Future of PHP Versions

Beyond November 2022, we’ll re-evaluate PHP version preferences based on WordPress Core compatibility. We aim to make the latest versions available as soon as they’re viable. We might even introduce PHP 8.2 as a “Beta” option shortly after its release.

Stay tuned for further updates, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with your PHP version preferences. Your satisfaction and website’s performance are our top priorities.

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